Concubine Scandal Chapter 18 Release Date Astounds Fanatics!

Naver has provided readers with the best manga series. There are many series available on this platform in the Japanese language. These Japanese Manga series have become very popular nowadays. It is all because of the engaging and intriguing plot of these series. Also, the artwork does the role of keeping the plot more interesting. In this article, we will be talking about one such Japanese Manga titled ” Concubine Scandal”. After reading 17 chapters of the series fans are now eagerly waiting for the news of the Concubine Scandal Chapter 18 Release Date. Read this article very thoroughly to find out the release date, expected plot, spoilers, expected cast, and much more. People who are looking for a new Japanese Manga to read should also follow the article.

Concubine Scandal Chapter 18 Release Date

It has been confirmed by the writers and publishers that the 18th chapter of the fan-favorite series is to be released on 4th October 2023. Fans who were waiting anxiously can now relax after getting the news. This chapter will be more interesting and thrilling than all the previous chapters. Finally, readers will get an insight into the story ahead. As always due to the different time zones, the timing of the release will be varied. Fans who read this series have to know about the correct timing based on their time zone. It will be released in the raw format so translation will take some time. Readers who read the series in English have to wait a little more before the translation is done. Readers can access the English version of the series on Webtoon.

Where To Find This Manga Series For Reading?

Naver Series is the platform where one can find the raw scans of all the chapters of this manga. This platform has always served readers with the best series and this series is one of them. But there are readers who don’t understand Japanese. For then Webtoon does the translation into English. Webtoon has also provided readers with the English version of many popular series. So readers who wish to read this series should visit these platforms.

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Some Spoilers About This Chapter

We cannot confirm anything for now but there are certain things that could be expected. Hwayeong can be seen finding out that she has been referring to the clues. And she will figure out who the unknown people that are giving problems to Seonhwa. This chapter is going to be adventurous as both of them get interested in the unknown people. Also, readers can see more of the investigation in this chapter as the process of finding out the unknown people is going on. There will also be an element of fun due to the character of Hwayeong. Readers will find out about the competition and whether Hwayeong could escape it or not. And the Empress is expected to see the clothes made by Hwayeong. Seonhwa can be expected to practice and learn embroidery after all things go by.

What Happened In The Story So Far?

In chapter 17, Hwayeong and her servant are seen indulging in a conversation. It is because Hwayeong is worried about the empress. But then after this conversation ended, she found out that she doesn’t regret what happened so far. After giving the empress a dragon-designed embroidery, she came to know that her work was a disaster. Then she remembered her best friend Seonhwa who is best at embroidery. After reaching her place, they found out that she had gone out and would come back after some time. They were waiting there for her but the servant told them that she would return home tired. It will be better to meet her the next day instead. When they were leaving they found out Seonhwa was in trouble and seeking help. She is being given trouble by some unknown people and now she is not attached to the embroidery works.

After she made a dragon cloth, these unknown people ruined this cloth by dipping it into water. Also, they throw rocks in the windows and don’t let her sleep. After learning all these, Hwayeong now sets on a journey to help her and find these unknown people. She wants them to pay back for the disturbance they are causing. This chapter shows how Hwayeong and her servant go out for some clues to find these unknown people.

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