You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 2 Release Date Stands Confirmed!

Japanese Manga has created a great change in the manga universe. Readers love this exceptional manga series a lot. It is because of their incredible story and fantastic artwork. They are getting more and more popular each day. Today in this article you will find one of the best Japanese Manga Series titled “You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain”. The first chapter of the series has been released and circulated among the readers. After reading the first chapter, fans are looking forward to the next chapter in the line. They are worried about a similar topic which is You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 2 Release Date. Read this article till the end to know about the potential release date, expected plot, and cast details of the second chapter.

You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 2 Release Date

This is very good news for all the anxious fans that chapter 2 of their favourite series is about to be released. Fans who were getting tense about the release date can now relax. Finally, readers will be able to know what happens in the next chapter. It is confirmed by the writers and publishers of the book that this chapter is to be released on 7th October 2023.

However, this time is based on Japan where this series originated from. People who want to read this chapter have to know about the correct timing for their zone. This series will be released in different regions at different times. Also, fans who read this chapter in English have to wait a little longer. This is because the translation team needs some time to translate the series from the raw format. Originally, this chapter will be released in a raw format in Japanese.

Where Can Readers Find The Series?

KakaoPage has always been delivering fans with the best manga series. This platform has a lot of quality manga series. Among these, one manga is the series we are talking about in this article. The first chapter of the series is available on this platform. And all the other chapters will be released on the same platform. Also, the English-translated version of the chapters is not available on this platform as of now.

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What Is This Manga Series About?

Arachne is the protagonist of the series who is seen living a normal life after escaping from the laboratory. She has been experimented on by some evil organizations for their benefit. They injected a shred which resembles a crystal into her body. After not getting any positive response, they thought that the experiment failed. But it soon was uncovered that our protagonist has the power to use spider webs. She has been saved by a man who is from the underground world.

What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

In the earlier chapter, Arachne is seen watching the trash that her neighbour throws beside her house. After a while, she noticed a man lying on the ground near the trash. She didn’t know him but still went on to see him. Then she took a stick and started poking him. Soon there was blood coming out of the man lying on the ground. She tried to find out whether the man was alive or dead. And after a while, she recognised him as he was the man who saved her from the laboratory. This man lying covered with blood is Lakius Avalon and he is a dangerous man. Still, it is a mystery why he saved her. It will be known soon in the following chapters why he saved the girl from the laboratory.

After this scene, readers can see a change in time when they reach a time where an orphan lives. This orphan is trying to steal things and in the next moment, she is kidnapped. After this, we can see this orphan in the laboratory of the evil organization. This orphan has been injected with something by the organization to achieve their goal. It made him go into a coma for three years and after this, he was transformed into a girl. After this, the story continues with the escape and Avalon saving the girl.

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