Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 2: Is It Getting Renewed?

For all these years, we have seen a handful of cooking shows to be honest. In most of them, chefs have to prove their versatility as well as excellence. What if, there was a competition where you have to be a master of sushis? Morimoto’s Sushi Master embarks on such a journey.

In this show, you have a tough competition. And as a chef, in order to win, you must ace through all the levels. Despite being in the same category, Morimoto’s Sushi Master is very different than other cooking shows we see on Television. As a result, the first season has won the hearts of many people around the globe. Now, the audience is excited regarding the release date of Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 2.

Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 2: Addressing The Hype 

If you have watched any cooking show before, I guess the number one name that’s probably flashing on your mind must be MasterChef. Of course, it is one of the biggest platforms to share your cooking skills. It’s a platform where chefs can gain exposure to pursue their dreams. Celebrity chefs either guide them or judge their dishes on various occasions. You must have witnessed the diversity in the making of dishes. So, just like MasterChef, there are also other cooking shows. Here’s where Morimoto’s Sushi Master brings in the difference.

This is one competition where you will not be judged like other shows. Here, you will get a judgment on the basis of the sushis you can cook. Since this is a new concept, people were quick to jump on the bandwagon and criticize it. But later on, as different episodes started to roll out, the audience understood the idea. The reality show has amassed a huge number of fans by now and their viewership also increased as the series ended. Now, a lot of fans want to know about Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 2 – will the show get renewed soon?

Unless you are absolutely new to this, you are also excited like me. So, without any further ado, let me tell you. Yes, all the rumors regarding the show’s return are true. Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 2 will be happening. On 28th September 2023, the creators announced the show’s renewal officially. The main judge, Chef Masaharu Morimoto has expressed his gratitude and excitement for being on the second run of this amazing journey. Still, now, there’s no fixed confirmation about Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 2 release date.

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Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 1: It Is All About Sushi

Unless you do not follow anything other than regional stuff, you must have heard about the people of Japan. Among the very attractive things that people of Japan love other than anime and cats, is sushi. It has been an important part and irreplaceable ingredient of Japanese cuisine and culinary culture. The best part about Morimoto’s Sushi Master is the sushis and only the sushis. This one-of-a-kind television series has successfully broken the stereotype regarding cooking shows and cooking contests.

Morimoto’s Sushi Master is a competition between chefs – the show upholds the different types of sushis and different variations of sushis. If you love sushi, this show is for you. Japanese chef and main judge Masaharu Morimoto has taken this show to the next level. Apart from him, there are two other judges – J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and Dakota Weiss. The first season featured a total of eight sushi chefs – all of them will show off their creativity in making varieties of sushi. The three judges will evaluate them on the basis of what they bring to their table.

When season 1 first started to roll out, people got attracted to this fresh concept. Within just a few days, Morimoto’s Sushi Master achieved the title of number one in the category of shows on-demand. People absolutely went crazy – usually, we are used to seeing cooking shows where a chef must perform well in every scenario. Be it desserts, barbeque, or luxurious dishes. But here, they will judge chefs on the basis of their sushi-making skills – what ingredients they use, their creativity, innovation, and presence of mind.

Team Behind Morimoto’s Sushi Master Show: Official Watching Platform 

The TV cooking show has a total of six episodes. Morimoto’s Sushi Master, as the title suggests, revolves around The Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Apart from the other two judges and eight Sushi chefs, we have Frances Tariga and Lyrica Okano with us on board. Ari Mark and Phil Lott have managed to create a successful and fresh-out-of-the-oven concept that was absolutely revolutionary in the cooking industry.

The first episode came out on 16th June 2023. The popularity of this show has led the creators to make a run for the second installment. Brian Tannenbaum from the Media house has announced Morimoto’s Sushi Master Season 2. If you want to watch the first season, please visit the official website of The Roku Channel by clicking over here.

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