The Darkness Within La Luz Del Mundo Season 2 Release Date: When Will The Docu-Series Return?

Netflix on the one side where it rules the hearts of audiences by releasing crime web series, and originals, on the other side, people follow Netflix very keenly to know the documentaries it is releasing. Yes, last month it dedicated a complete month to releasing new documentaries based on the real-life murders kidnaps, and everything, which people forgot after the news headlines vanished.

But Netflix came up with those incidents as docu-series and have the truth to the world. Now with this, it’s not following the trend, but again on a queue, Netflix is releasing a documentary series, on how the survivors in Spain were abused, tortured, and forced to leave their nation, by the leaders of the popular church, La Luz del Mundo for not one not two for the complete three generations did this to them.

So, today in this article beginning with the introduction to the series, we will be discussing Netflix’s new release “The Darkness within La Luz del Mundo”, its release date, plot, cast, and also the chances of its renewal and when it will return back to us. excited? Ok then, let us move ahead and bring the best out of the series so that you feel super excited about watching the series. 

The Darkness Within La Luz Del Mundo Season 2 Release Date

Well, The Darkness Within La Luz Del Mundo is releasing its first season on September 28, 2023. Though with the trailer’s reviews of fans from all around the globe, it feels they are super excited to watch the series, and will also love it too. but as we know, Netflix always reviews the series on the condition of receiving extraordinary views and responses from the critics. 

So if the audience fills Netflix’s condition and gives a positive response towards the series’ first season, we may see the news of renewal super soon. And the release will be bounded by the end of the year 2024. So for this, we need to wait for a little time, but before you should go and enjoy the first season as it is already streaming on Netflix from 28th September 2023. 

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Plot & Cast Of The Docu-Series

So, after knowing about the series’ first and second seasons’ release dates, let us quickly move to the next panel of our article to know more about the series storyline and all the crew members involved in the series. Well, being a documentary film, it doesn’t involve actors and actresses from the Spanish film industry, instead, it has video recordings and interviews of the real people who faced the struggles back in the time.

Now, the Spanish series begins with the interviews and some real-life clips of the people common people facing the abuse, not mentally or physically but the women facing sexual abuse. And when you would come to know the people making them victims, are from the popular religious body, church. the church of La Luz Del Mundo. As it washes off our minds similarly the people felt knowing, how cruel these men serving gods can be.

The series puts light on this dark piece of the incident which ran for a long three generations of the church. they used to abuse the people, bully them, torture them to leave their nation. and sometimes, they used to sexually abuse the women and girls among these common survivors. The film includes the brave women interviewing the world in front of the camera and telling their conditions. 

After going through 3 generations of abuse, the leader was Naasón Joaquín García, he was accused of rape, kidnaps, child pornography, and many more crimes. Lat in the year 2019, he was arrested by the United States cops and was put into prison for the next 16 years. He abused the females, tortured men, and then forced them to keep their mouths shut and not take any legal actions against him or his family. 

The film is both written and directed by Carlos Perez Osorio. This film gives a reality check to the entire nation about such cruel people still existing in the 21st century. The cast does not involve much but, a voice artist Elias Argentiere, and the footage collectors interviewing himself the main criminal Garcia. The series is till now Netflix’s most heart-warming documentary. 

Where Is the Docu-Series Streaming

The Darkness Within La Luz Del Mundo, a Spanish crime documentary is streaming on Netflix from September 28, 2023. 

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