Dandadan Chapter 123: Release Date, Storyline And Expectations!

Arguments can hardly lead to something fruitful and good. However, sometimes arguments can lead to love. Sounds cliché right? It is true, sometimes though. The story of Dandadan is not only a love story that starts from an argument, but it is also about other interesting things as well. Yukinobu Tatsu is the writer of the manga. The manga is continuing since 6th April 2021 till present. As of now, the manga has 11 tankobon volumes. If you want to know about Dandadan Chapter 123 release date, you will have keep on reading this piece of information. Here, we have discussed the release date of the upcoming chapter of Dandadan, the storyline and some of the spoilers.

Dandadan Chapter 123: Release Date And More Information!

Dandadan has received 122 chapters of now. Considering the number of chapters and the release date of the first chapter of Dandadan, we can say that Dandadan is not a new manga. However, this is a recent Gen Z manga that the fans are absolutely loving. The creators have confirmed the release date of the next chapter of Dandadan. Dandadan Chapter 123 will be released on 2nd October 2023. Chapter 123 will be released at 9 P.M. Japanese Standard Time (JST). This means that Dandadan Chapter 123 will be released on 2nd October 2023 in most parts of the world. The release timings of Dandadan Chapter 123 may differ from one country to another based on the time zone of the region.

Will Dandadan have more chapters? Manga do not usually come to an end this soon. They usually continue for a longer duration. Since Dandadan has received only 122 chapters so far, we do not think that the manga is going to come to an end any time soon. The storyline is yet to receive its climax and a proper ending. Therefore, we think that Dandadan is not going to come to an end. It will keep on receiving chapters from the creators.

Will Dandadan receive an anime? This is an interesting question. There have been rumours going around that Dandadan is set to receive its anime adaptation soon. Although the creators have not announced anything officially, we are sure that Dandadan will receive an anime adaptation. The manga has received enough popularity for it to be converted into an anime. The release date of the first season of Dandadan has not been revealed as of now. However, once we get an official announcement regarding the anime adaptation, we will receive the date soon.

Dandadan Storyline

As the introduction has stated, Dandadan is about a love story that blooms from an argument. However, the storyline does not entirely revolve around romance between the protagonist. It is more than just a love story. It is a story about adventures and other exciting things. Dandadan revolves around Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura. Ken Takakura is an introverted student which is why almost every bully of his school tries to pick on him.

It is one such bullying session when he gets saved by Momo Ayase. Now, Momo has a story of her own. She got rejected recently, and she is in a desperate search of a partner. After saving Ken from getting bullied, they both converse with each other. Momo discovers that Ken is an occult fanatic who does not believe in ghosts but aliens, and Ken discovers that Momo does not believe in aliens but ghost. Consequently, they start to argue with each other.

They decide to visit locations in order to prove each other wrong. However, when they both visit these locations, they find out that both ghosts and aliens exist. As a result, they start to delve more into these fields and come across various mysterious. Ken and Momo are together in this journey. If you want to know more about their adventures, you will have to read Dandadan.

Dandadan Chapter 123: Expectations!

In the previous chapter, we got to know about Sanjome. Momo does not like him and Okarun already harbours a liking for Sanjome. As a result, their conversation turns into a heated argument. Momo embarrasses Okarun by putting her head on his chest because she thinks he is hiding something from her. In the next chapter, we are going to witness how Okarun and Momo finally resolve their issues.

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Dandadan Reading Platform

Dandadan is available online for reading. If you want to read the manga, you will have to visit Manga Plus by Sheuisha. You will get to read the manga there. We hope that you find this Gen Z manga interesting!

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