I Failed To Throw The Villain Away Chapter 77 Release Date: What Do We Know

Attachments are sometimes the worst thing or sometimes… they are the best? What if someone wants to kill you but at the same time falls for you? I Failed To Throw The Villain Away shows us a similar kind of storyline.

The plot talks about a lady who has somehow taken the life of a character she read in a novel. In that story, she knows how she and her family will die, but gradually the murderer is the one who gets attached to her in a loving and toxic way. Now, she has become almost his puppet. People are actually loving this twisted storyline despite this manhwa belonging to the reincarnation or transmigration category. A lot of the viewers want to know about the release date of I Failed To Throw The Villain Away Chapter 77.

I Failed To Throw The Villain Away Chapter 77 Release Date: Official Update

People love manhwas and mangas due to the charming storylines they serve us with. In our daily life when we see films and web series, we can often get bored. You must have noticed that whenever creators follow a trend, that marks the downfall in ratings. But in the case of manhwas or mangas, the creators always manage to introduce some kind of a twist. No matter how overused the genre or category, gets, readers can always feel satisfied. Take I Failed To Throw The Villain Away for an example.

The manhwa comes with these same age-old ideas of getting reborn in a new family, but there is a difference in this story. Our protagonist gets attached to the villain. Despite knowing his true identity, she becomes an essential part of the villainous journey and she fails to control herself. Till now, we have received 76 chapters of this aforementioned manhwa – most of them were good. People are curious now and they want to know. So, what is I Failed To Throw The Villain Away Chapter 77 release date?

Is this upcoming chapter going to release soon? Since a lot of fans are curious, before moving on to the story part, I will answer this. I Failed To Throw The Villain Away Chapter 77 release date is 29th September 2023. In India, we will get it after 6.30 p.m., Friday. This release date schedule will be the same for Canada, the United States of America, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, and India. Fans and manhwa readers from everywhere around the world will get this upcoming chapter by 29th September, Friday.

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I Failed To Throw The Villain Away: A Path Of Love And Betrayal 

Since you have come across that attachment part in the beginning, I will try to make this simple for you. Suppose, you were reading a book and the plot is violent. The main character and their family there, die in the hands of their servant. One day, you get reincarnated as that character – so, you are aware of how the story ends. You try to change it but instead, the villain gets attached to you. This is the case of our female lead, Valetta. She’s reborn as the daughter of a baron cum Count.

All she wants is to remove Reinhart, a slave hired by her father. Because later on, he is meant to be the reason for her and her family’s death. But soon, Reinhart becomes too powerful – his raging magic kills everyone around him. Lady Valetta gets frightened but soon, the situation changes. To her surprise, Reinhart decides not to hurt her at all. Through all these days, he has grown fond of her. He has developed some kind of an attachment to Valetta.

In Chapter 76, we see a heartwarming exchange between Rag and Kian. Both of them share a very loving bond, and this conversation shows how evident it is. Kian just wanted to have the daughter of Count Delight – Rag knew this all along. But Kian becomes vexed when Rag wants some whiskey. But they soon start to have normal conversations again. They wanted to have this for a long time. Rag lost a lot in this world.

What Can We Expect In Chapter 77 And Official Reading Platform

In the next chapter, we might see Kian and Rag talking more about Elise. Rag needs to get his guilt off his chest but he has not got the time or space. In Chapter 77, he might open up more to Kian. But for now, let’s just focus on what we have in hand. Instead of speculating about possible spoilers, it will be better to wait till I Failed To Throw The Villain Away Chapter 77 release date is finally here. If you want to read this manhwa on Kakao Webtoon, please click here.

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