Has The Price Of Breaking Up Chapter 50 Release Date Receive Confirmation?

Kakao Webtoon has served its audience with authentic and quality content for a long time. There are various manga present on this platform of which most are in Korean. These Korean manga are very popular among manga fans as they have unique and interesting plots. Today we are going to talk about one such manga series. ” The Price of Breaking Up” is the new fan-favourite manga series. After reading 49 chapters fans are now eagerly waiting for any news about The Price of Breaking Up Chapter 50 Release Date. Read this article fully till the end to know about the release date and everything else.

The Price Of Breaking Up Chapter 50 Release Date

Fans can now get relaxed as the release date now has been confirmed. This long-awaited chapter is finally going to be released. It has now been confirmed that this chapter is going to be released on 29 September 2023. According to Korean Standard Time, it will be released at 8:00 PM. This timing will vary according to the different regions. Hence, fans are requested to know the correct timing for their region. This chapter will be releasing its raw version on September 29th. It will take time before it gets released in English so fans who read the series in English have to wait a little longer.

Where Can You Read This Chapter?

Kakao Webtoon is the platform where this series is presented. All the raw scans of the series are available here. And all the new chapters will be released on this platform itself. Kakao has provided readers with a wonderful manga series. So for readers who want to read this manga series, this is the platform to go to. Chapter 50 of this series will be released on Kakao only. But it will be released as a raw scan in the Korean language. It will take time for the translation team to translate this chapter into English.

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What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

In this chapter, readers can read that his holiness asked about Erica’s name which her family used to call her. Erica replies to him that it is her original name or some nicknames that her family members use to call her. After this, His Holiness asked her about her nickname. Erica told him that her nickname was Cia. Now, His Holiness told her that as they were going to be a family, he would call her by her name. But after His Holiness calls her Erica, she feels pretty embarrassed.

In the next scene, readers can see the crown prince who was busy as the Emperor calls him. This was told by the butler that the Emperor wished to see the crown prince. It made the prince feel weird as he knew the reason why the emperor called him. After going to the Emperor, the prince finds that the Emperor didn’t involve himself in the matter because he had trust in the prince. This trust was because the prince was the Emperor’s heir. But the Emperor had to intervene as it was a shame to know that Erica went with someone from the temple. Now, the Emperor was very anxious to know why Erica joined hands with the temple. He thinks that the reason may be Lurtella’s return or maybe some temple resources.

Further Information!

There is also a revelation about the thinking of the Emperor about the crown prince. He thinks that the crown prince is a useless fool. After knowing this, the crown prince promised the emperor to find Lutrella and bring it in front of the emperor. Also, he promised the emperor to find out the reason behind Erica joining hands with the temple.

Erica got a grand welcome after she went to the palace as all had been waiting for her for a long time. Erica was questioning the head maid about her brother who was not in the palace at that time. Then the maid asked Erica about the man who was with Erica at that time. Erica told the maid that His Holiness would be staying at the palace for some days. During this time, his Holiness should not get any kind of discomfort. He will stay here as he needs to bring another carriage from the temple which will take some time.

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