Will Catastrophe Season 5 Release Date Receive Confirmation?

The Emmy nominated, BAFTA Awards winner, Catastrophe is truly just that–a messy, hilarious and flabbergasting catastrophe. Starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney in the lead roles as Sharon Morris and Rob Norris, the twenty-four episodes long series is a dark comedy thriller. It blends romance and comedy to deliver a gripping slice-of-life drama that has slayed millions of hearts. During its four-season run, the creators, Horgan and Delaney, have portrayed a bland storyline that’s drenched in realistic nuances.

It is due to this relatable–even if a tad bit overdramatic–plot that no one is ready to bid the series goodbye. If you are one of those curious minds, who are yet clinging onto the hope of Catastrophe Season 5, here is your chance to discover the latest updates! 

Catastrophe Season 5 Release Date

In 2013, Delaney and Horgan, collaborated together to helm the script of the then-untitled Catastrophe. The duo was inspired by Zorba the Greek’s infamous quote, “I’m a man, so I married. Wife, children, house, everything. The full catastrophe”. They aspired to conjure a relatable yet hilarious take on the usual humdrum and ended up approaching BBC to license the series. However, the production denied supporting Horgan and Delaney’s script. A couple of months later, the duo reached out to Channel 4, which agreed to host Catastrophe almost immediately.

The first season of this hilarious comedy dropped on 19 January 2015 and became the trendiest series of the year. The success of the debut season propelled Channel 4 to greenlight the sequel, which aired in October 2015. Catastrophe Season 2 garnered mostly positive reviews, with Sharon and Rob’s creative storyline being appraised widely. Soon, Catastrophe became a cult classic and enjoyed four long seasons, each of six episodes until 2019.

Before the final season premiered on Channel 4 and eventually Amazon Prime Video, Sharon admitted that they aren’t pondering over Season 5 at all. She concluded her statement by claiming that she has “kind of broken down a few times,” upon bidding the series goodbye. So far, the creators haven’t hinted at a reboot or a revival, affirming that there won’t be a Catastrophe Season 5. All hope isn’t lost though; the creators could very well revisit the dramedy again and revive it for a spin-off. But so far, nothing of this sort has been confirmed.

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What Is The Catastrophe Series About?

In an interview, Horgan claimed “The stories came to us really easily and we enjoyed writing it, I suppose we didn’t want to push that. We didn’t want to force stories.” In their quest to not force any plot arcs into the storyline, Sharon and Rob created a minimalistic yet profound storyline. The hilarious dramedy follows an Irish school teacher, Sharon Morris, who is apparently bored out of her mind and in search of an adventure. Her exploration ends with Rob, an advertising executive from America on a business trip to Britain.

Sparks lead the duo to pursue a relationship for a week until Rob has to fly back to America. Unfortunately, Sharon’s unexpected pregnancy pulls him back to Britain. Soon after, she is diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and the duo is left to manage the catastrophe their life has become. Though Sharon and Rob are practically strangers, they try to pursue a long-term relationship but it is easier said than done.

Catastrophe Season 5 Plot

Throughout the four seasons, Rob and Sharon weave through countless relationship dilemmas from contradicting opinions to demanding children. They pull back from each other only to reconcile again until eventually they push aside all their issues and end up together forever.

Since the finale episode tied all loose ends, there are no cliffhangers left for Catastrophe Season 5 to pick up. If this upcoming iteration is approved–which seems highly unrealistic at this point–the creators would once delve into the mundane aspects of life and dramatize it.

Catastrophe Season 5 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Catastrophe Series About?

It is a romantic comedy series centred around a British-American couple, Sharon Morris and Rob Norris.

2. Who Is The Creator Of The Catastrophe Series?

The series was created by Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney.

3. Is The Catastrophe Season 5 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed.

4. Is Catastrophe Season 5 Cancelled?

Yes, Catastrophe Season 5 is officially cancelled.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For Catastrophe Season 5?

No, there is no trailer available for Catastrophe Season 5.

6. Where To Watch The Catastrophe Series Online?

You can stream the series online on Amazon Prime Video.

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