Love You Abhi Season 2. Is Next Season Coming Soon? What Will Be The Plot? Everything Covered Here!

Kannada film industry, where it releases only dubbed web series, from years after the web series is in the craze, this time something is new for Kannada fans and also the Indian-Kannada film industry. What’s new? New, is that the Kannada film industry has released its very first original Kannada web series after so long. Yes, yes you heard it right. Now the fans will not have to watch a dubbed version of any web series, but they can now watch it of their own.

The series debuting the Kannada original web series is “Love you Abhi” which is streaming on the emerging OTT platform Jio Cinema, from 19th May, 2023 onwards. The series holds a complete pack of thrill, drama, and mystery. Fans who love watching mysterious films can now shift their interest to web series which are completely mysterious in all ways. The series has a unique plot and for the very first time, originally in the Kannada language. 

Fans are super excited after watching this series, and this insists, they demand of second season on social media. So here we will be telling you the status of the second season, a quick recap of the first season, and the crew this amazing series holds. So let’s head toward the amazing article devoted to the amazing series. 

Love You Abhi Season 2. When Is It Coming?

Well, after the successful debut of the first season of the first-ever Kannada original web series on Jio Cinema. Fans are super thrilled watching its first season. And since they have loved it and are left with some cliffhangers, they are eager to watch the second season to get answers to their questions, and thus demand the new release soon.

So as per reports the filmmakers or the Jio Cinema have yet not broken up their silence on when will they release the series for its second season. but, surely, it will return soon by the middle of the year 2024m, for its fans. As there is no public announcement, we can’t say anything, but this will be added once official news is received. till then continue reading the article. 

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Recap Of The Series

The series, “Love You Abhi” is an interesting romantic tale about a rising star, an actor Shiva played by Vikram Ravichandran, who is touching the heights of success with his acting skills and has fallen in love with the woman whose ex-husband is no more. the woman, Abhi played by Aditi Sachdeva, is a widow who b her innocence makes a rising star, fall in love with her.

Shiva, being so famous decides to get married to Abhi, who is a widow. though everyone in the society criticizes him for doing so and asks her to leave, but he doesn’t. But there’s a question, How did Abhi’s husband die? Was it an accident? Or was he murdered? And if yes, who is the murderer? Yes, likewise yours, these questions are in the minds of Abhi’s neighbors. they have been thinking of how her husband died.

With this drama all around, Shiva and Abhi married and Shiva is in deep love with his wife, entering a cruel and mysterious police officer, Shiradi Shekhar played by Ravishankar. The police officer is here to solve the mysterious death of Abhi’s husband. He has a dark history but is quite cool. He will be having a one-on-one with Abhi’s present husband Shiva. And try to put the entire blame on Abhi’s head.

But this is to be known in the next season, Is Abhi really a murderer? Is she hiding the secrets with her? Or is she innocent? Everything will be answered in the next season, and for that, the fans and the readers will have to wait for a few weeks until we are getting to know, the release date of the second season. The release date is not for sure announced, but one thing is clear the amount of suspense and thrill this season holds will be tripled in the upcoming seasons. 

Cast Of The Series

The series is directed and written by Kaali Velayudham and includes the most amazing stars of the Kannada film industry. the main lead of the series includes Aditi Sachdeva and Vikram Ravichandran playing the roles of Abhi and Shiva, respectively. P Ravishankar and Lisha play the role of Shiradi Shekhar and his wife, respectively. Along with that is the other star cast who have joined the series to make it look amazing. 

Where Can You Watch It

Love You Abhi, is streaming for free on Jio Cinema from May 19, 2023.

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