Dodger Season 2: Updates About The Upcoming Season!

BBC is famous for making several television series that become immensely famous among the audience. Today we are going to deal with one such BBC series that is famous among children all around the world. The name of the series is Dodger. Dodger can be considered a prequel to Charles Dickens’ famous novel Oliver Twist. There are rumours going around regarding the second season of Dodger. Are these rumours true? To know your answer, you will have to continue reading this particular piece of information. Here, we have discussed everything about the show’s second season. We have also talked about the various aspects of the show like its storyline and cast in this piece. Therefore, without any further delay, let us get into the topic as soon as possible.

Dodger Season 2: Release Date

Dodger – Special 2022

The first season of Dodger was released on 6th February 2022. After the first season came to an end with 10 episodes, fans have been wondering if there is going to be a second season to the show. The creators did not say anything on this matter at first. However, now we have news regarding the second season of Dodger.

Dodger Season 2 is not going to come out. Nonetheless, in addition to the already released episodes, the creators have decided to come up with 3 other episodes which are termed as Specials. Some people are considering these 3 Specials as the second season of Dodger. These 3 Specials are going to be related to the initial storyline of the show. One of these specials will consist of a Christmas Special episode. We got the news that the filming of the episodes has come to an end. The television show Dodger is set to return on 27th November 2023. As of now it is not known whether all the 3 Specials will be dropped together or not.

As has been mentioned earlier, these Specials are going to be a continuation of the initial storyline of the series. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger with Dodger being deported to Australia. The 1st Special episode will encapsulate Dodger’s return to London. The 2nd Special will be a Christmas special episode. In the last Special episode, we will probably witness the gang getting educated. In short, we can say that the 3 Specials will be interesting to watch. The 3 Specials are going to be ingrained in the storyline of Dodger. They are going to fit into the entire story extremely well.

Dodger Storyline

Before Dodger became the Artful Dodger, he was known as Jack Dawkins. Jack Dawkins was born in Victorian England. He was born as an orphan. Dawkins had no parents or relatives who could take care of him. As a result, he had to take care of himself. He was all alone in the notorious society. Consequently, a cruel mill owner bought Jack Dawkins. The mill owner used to exploit Jack by making him work inhumanely and beating him all the time.

In order to save himself from the circumstances, Dodger decides to run away from the mill owner when he is 12 years old (the present). He runs away to Victorian London, a notorious place. Here, in London, he becomes a part of Fagin’s gang. Now, this gang consists of young children who are pickpockets. Soon, Jack Dawkins becomes the Artful Dodger and starts leading this group of young pickpockets. His adventures make the series all the more interesting. The police are always at his tail, but they never get an opportunity to catch the Artful Dodger. If you want to witness the journey of the Artful Dodger, you will have to watch the series Dodger.

Dodger Cast And Crew: Behind The Scenes

The cast of Dodger includes Billy Jenkins as the Artful Dodger, Christopher Eccleston as Fagin, Aabay Ali, Ellie-May, Mila Lieu, Connor Curren, David Threlfall Sam C. Wilson, Rhys Thomas, Javone Prince and Lucy Montgomery.  The other cast members include Aron Von, Lorraine Bruce, Saira Choudhury, Alex Kingston, Tanya Reynolds, and Lenny Rush.

Rhys Thomas is the creator of this television series. Lucy Montgomery and Rhys Thomas are the writers of the series. The executive producers of the series are Lucy Montgomery, Rhys Thomas, Mark Freeland and Amy Buscombe.

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Dodger Trailer And Streaming Platform

If you have not watched the trailer of the first season of Dodger, you can click on the given link above to watch it.

You can stream Dodger on Jio Cinema and BBC iPlayer. Both the platforms require your subscription to them.

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