Is The Other Black Girl Based On A True Story Or Book? Digging Deep Into The Storyline!

Hulu has been delivering quality content for a very long time. There are movies and series which have been loved by the audience a lot. These movies and shows available on Hulu have got a high rating. There are only positive reviews about them and most of them are critically acclaimed. This is because of their storyline and cast members. Most of the shows have a real story behind the plotline. Hence, these are loved and entertained by their viewers and critics. Today, we will be talking about one such show with an intriguing plot line called “The Other Black Girl“. After watching this show, people have many questions regarding it. Is the other black girl based on a true story or book? In this article, we will answer such kinds of questions.

Is The Other Black Girl Based On A True Story Or Book?

This show doesn’t have any truth in the story and is not based on any real character. It is just a work of fiction and all scenes shown in the show are fictional. However, the story of this show is taken from a thriller novel. Yes, it is based on a book by Zakira Dalila Harris which was written in 2021. This show has scenes and characters adapted from the movie. So if you ask about authenticity then this show’s story is authentic based on the novel.

There are some changes in the show but most part of the show is completely similar to that of the novel’s story. Harris, who is the author of the novel, is also an executive producer of the show. She has also written the script for some episodes of this show.

About Zakira Dalila Harris

She is an executive producer and writer of a few episodes of this show. Her experience as a writer has helped in creating the story of this show. This story looks genuine and interesting because of Harris. With the novel’s story, Harris has given some of her real-life experiences in this story. This show’s base story is directly linked with her life. Before she started her writing journey, she was a skilled assistant editor. This novel’s idea popped into her head when she encountered an African-American woman. It was when she stayed in the 13th bathroom of Knopf Doubleday. After she met her, this story began to bloom. This novel is a mixture of Harris’s real-life experiences and the real concepts.

Concepts like tokenization, code-switching, and microaggressions are a part of her novel. Even though she has written the novel and worked in the movie, Nella’s character isn’t the same as the woman in her novel. There are many inspirations which Harris took from others as well. Sula, Passing, and Kindred are some of the inspirations she took. “Get Out” is one movie from which Harris took some ideas for her novel.

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About The Show

This is a mystery drama show that is streaming on Hulu. Rashida Jones and Zakira Dalila Harris are the creators of this show. It shows the story of Nella Rogers who is an African-American and is the protagonist of the show. She works in Wagner Books which is a white publishing company. Nella is the only black person among all the whites in the company. Due to this, she has to face a lot of microaggressions and ignorance at her workplace.

Later on, another black woman joins the company named Hazel May-McCall. She was happy that she would get a friend with whom she could share her grief. But things don’t turn out well as Hazel is not the friend that Nella was expecting. Hazel throws Nella into the fire to save herself. This show has successfully shown a socially relevant topic within a riveting story. It is a must-watch show as it gives a closer look at the lives of black people. And due to the social commentary available in this show, people think it is a real story. It shows many real social life messages and themes. But this is just a work of fiction and has an adaptation from a novel.

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