The Summit Season 2 Release Date. When To Expect Its Return?

“The Summit” is a unique and different reality show that originated in Australia, It shows a group of contestants who have to survive or compete for the next fourteen days among each other to reach the top of a mountain, and then win the prize money of A$1,000,000. the show is a unique show from others, as it doesn’t include the wildlife creatures, or romanticising dates and all. Instead, it has a group of contestants working together to reach the summit.

The show made its debut a few months ago and was loved by audiences all around the globe, who love mountains and traveling. The article today is all dedicated to this newly originated show. An Australian show which is ruling the hearts of people from different parts of the world with its unique, plo, challenges and of course the hardworking and brave contestants.

So today’s article is all about this unique and fascinating show, which is going to take you to an adventurous world and of course will give you a thrill watching it. If you too are excited and interested in knowing more about the show, then you are at the right place as by the end of this article you will get the complete information to see the show, and also excite you to watch it soon. so let’s continue reading the article. 

The Summit Season 2 Release Date

Well, the first season of the show reality show is already ruling the hearts of the audience and this makes the audience excited for the release of the second season as well. So far, no official announcement has been made regarding the show’s renewal and its release date. Once something is announced we will add it up here. 

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Previously In The Show

The Summit officially came out on May 14, 2023, as an Australian reality show, including contestants participating in the game to reach the top of the mountain. Reaching the mountain is tough because climbing it is not easy and then when you are challenged with new tasks it becomes even more difficult. every contestant has the hardship of A$ 1,000,000 on their shoulders, If one stops working the prize money is reduced, and similarly, if all the contestant stops working you are done, and there will be no prize money left behind. 

Season 1 was full of thrill and competitive spirit that made the viewers excited to know what’s gonna happen next. And maybe the thrill in the first season excites them even more for season 2. In the last season, the group of contestants completed each task and moved ahead to climb up the summit. The show was basically divided into three parts or sections, Mountain’s Keeper, Checkoints, and Endgame. The three signify different stages in the show, the true mountaineers wish the trekkers to keep a check on their every move, and when the trekkers reach the checkpoints they are provided with good amenities, where one of them is evicted by the vote of others and finally, at the end of the show, the prize money will be handed over to the one who survives till last and reaches the summit. 

This 10-episode-long reality show is a 14-day adventure of the contestants to reach the summit facing all the challenges. Well, the question arises where was the show filmed? Well, the reality show was set in different parts of the Alps in the south of New Zealand. Also, the summit the contestants have to climb was mentioned as Moubt Head, with a few episodes filmed there and a few filmed on various hill stations of Otago. 

Contestants Of The Show

The show involved a total of 14 contestants competing in this 14-day show, in which each one was evicted by reaching the checkpoints. The contestants involved are Stephen Butler, Annikki Chand, Josh Waldhorn, Phillip Kuoch, Catherine “Kitty” Connor, Sam Molineaux, Gemma Mullins, Indy Thompson, Jans Andre, Alex Silvagni, Lulu Hawton, Jacqui Cooper, Isaac Compton, and Brooke Kilowsky. 

All of the contestants are from different professional backgrounds from different states, and in the beginning, each one of them was a stranger but soon they became friends with each other, some enemies too, and decided to work together for they must win the game working together and not fighting with each other.

Where Is The Show Available

The Summit is streaming from May 14, 2023, on 9Now if you are living outside australia, else in australia it is telecasted in a TV channel and thus fans can watch it there. 

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