Is Netflix’s Class Act Based On A True Story? Disclosing The Truth Behind The Series

Netflix is famous for releasing its unique plot and unique style of comedy-drama series. On the other side, it is even famous for releasing fictional biopics or docuseries, including those of a criminal, murderers, or any suspected high-class businessmen. Anything that it releases is loved by audiences from different parts of the world. And so it is called to be one of the most popular OTT platforms in the world. 

A French crime series recently made its debut on September 13, 2023, on Netflix, and by its trailer of few seconds, made its halfway way to the heart and the rest was made after its release. Class Act is the French drama of a businessman from France whose life story and history of becoming so rich within days is now the most read and heard story in France. The series is a fictional biopic on the life and work of this famous businessman, Bernard Tapie.

The series is going to make you even more excited and thrilled by its plot and unique style, than this article which will give you a spark to go and watch the series soon. Hence, the article is sure to give you excitement to watch the series soon and also will give away the spoilers of the series. 

Is Netflix’s Class Act Based On A True Story?

After watching the series and its trailer after the release, fans have been relentlessly asking for just one thing and have flooded social media with this question, whether the series is based on true events and whether everything shown in the series is true to beilieved.

Well, the makers of Netflix are yet to break up their silence on this topic, but as far as it is recorded, the incidents and the deals shown in the series are true and have happened in real life as well, but the way it is happening is fictional. As a gist, the series is stuck to its skeleton as the main part and the covered-up flesh is fictional to put some more drama to make it worth watching. 

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Bernard Tapie’s Life & Work Explained

Bernard Tapie was born in a middle-class and very common family in France. He was born to Raymonde Tapie and Jean-Baptise on 26th January 1943. Jean worked as a plumber and always wanted his son, to follow their family’s passion when he grew old. But Bernard wanted to become a rich and renowned man, from the very beginning of his understanding age. He did many works in his adulthood and finally completed his entire wishes.

Bernard wished to serve the rich businessman to help them grow their business and soon he must also make his own empire. He thus started a business, Heart Assistance Company, which meant to provide medical help before an ambulance reached the patient, but this did not run. After this, in the last 1970s when Freanch was facing a downfall in the economy and almost all factories were shutting down, making hundreds of t workers unemployed, Bernard decided to buy the business and run his empire. 

Bernard being a singer and an actor, bought the well-known company Wonder Tires and Diguet-Deny, a book company, making his name in the entire industrial world. He was now known by the President of France and joined politics under the president’s guidance. but his luck didn’t work and he came back to business and bought up the famous sports companies, Addidas and Olympic Marseille in the late 1990s. Bernard now wished to win the Champions League and did the same. 

But soon, when the scam of business and match-fixing scandals came out, he was expelled from all the areas and was never allowed to do business and al. But being an actor he was seen in films, TV shows, and stage performances. But soon from year 2018, he was diagnosed with double cancer disease in his esophagus, which took his life on 3rd October 2021 when he was 78 years old. 

Plot Summary The Series

Class Act is a series, half fictional and half-truth as said earlier. The story shows the life events of Bernard, with some fictional changes, showing Bernard as a manipulative and ruthless person, which he wasn’t in real. While few deals are shown to be real and others are not cunted. So the plot must be different from his real-life story to make it way more interesting for the audience. The series holds the different aspects of Bernard life, begining form his twenties, his singing, his playes.

The series includes many of the other characters from his life, the business deals, his buying of Adidas to selling it again. From the match scandals to business scams, everything hs been covered in the series, which is going to give you a thrill with some extra added spices to make it look way more interesting than the real-life story.

Where Is The Series Available

Class Act is streaming on Netflix, from September 13, 2023, for audiences from all around the globe. 

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