Is Howard’s Mill A True Story? Learn Everything About The Mockumentary! 

Directed by Shannon Houchins and Potsy Ponciroli, this horror film, better known as a mockumentary, dates back to the year 2021. Portrayed as a pseudo-documentary, filled with mystery and suspense, Howard’s Mill undoubtedly managed to give us cold shivers. The captivating storyline of the horror mystery truly impressed us a lot. It all begins with the sudden disappearance of Emily Nixon. Treasure hunting being her favorite sport, no one would have ever thought that one mediocre day, Emily would vanish away! But as the police investigate further about Emily, some shocking revelations about Howard’s Mill are disclosed. 

As we dig further into this mockumentary, we will see how over the period of 40 years many have gone missing, but rarely anyone has thought of connecting the loopholes! The barren land holds a deadly secret and to know it all, you have to watch this movie. After two years of being released, another interesting gossip around the film has come under our interest list. It seems like some of the audience are questioning the storyline of the mockumentary. Some say the film is based on a real story, while others continue to believe it’s a fiction tale, so stay tuned as here is everything we know about Howard’s Mill!  

Is Howard’s Mill A True Story? Learn Everything About The Mockumentary! 

Is Howard's Mill A True Story? Learn Everything About The Mockumentary! 

First thing first, let us clear all your doubts on the above question! As per our knowledge and estimates, the creepy horror film, Howard’s Mill is not based on any form of real-life facts or data. It is undoubtedly an underrated horror film, but if you observe keenly, then you can clearly see how the creators have tried to draw a thin line between reality and fiction. Howard’s Mill started as a mystery tale but then came the supernatural twist, which turned the whole story upside down. 

This mockumentary comes with a blend of horror and dark humor! You might count it as a weird film, but this story will definitely give you goosebumps. Well, coming to the answer you all have been waiting for, as per the information gathered by us, the film is purely fictional. Yes, you heard it right, this horror documentary is not at all based on facts or real-life data. 

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Does A Place Called Howard’s Mill Exist For Real?

Surprisingly enough, Howard’s Mill actually exists in the real world. The movie was filmed in the same spot. It happens to be a 14-acre long, abandoned land and is also surrounded by a small pond, but unlike the film, in reality, the land is not haunted. Thankfully, the creepy activities that happened in the movie did not happen in real life. Situated in Springfield, Tennessee, ever since the film was released, many have even come down to visit this place!

Get A Quick Summary Of Howard’s Mill!

Is Howard's Mill A True Story? Learn Everything About The Mockumentary! 

When Emily was reported missing, the direct suspect in the case was her husband, Dwight! But then the police started to learn everything about Howard’s Mill. All thanks go to Houchins and Whitmire who thought of joining this weird mystery case. As estimated by them, people started disappearing in the year 1977! This was the very first time a worker’s family who was passing this field was found missing. The family never really returned to their original house. 

Again a few years later, the owner’s daughter, named Rebecca had disappeared out of nowhere. Fast forwarding to 1981, the other daughters of the owner also vanished! Then after a decade, a girl named Sarah Winston had creepily disappeared! Shockingly, her father has even recorded this on camera. Thus comes the major plot twist, the supernatural angle. At the end of the day, the investigators were forced to put more emphasis on this thought. 

As they start to look in the other direction, a new suspect appears on their list! This time it was Wayne Richie, originally raised by an abusive family, he was mostly seen as a creepy individual. Since his house was very near to the farm, he could have been involved in this! But then comes the dead body which brings another compelling twist to this story. To know what ultimately happens in this mockumentary, you have to binge it online, exclusively just on Apple TV+.  

Is Howard’s Mill A True Story? Learn Everything About The Mockumentary! – FAQs

1. Is the creepy film, Howard’s Mill based on a true story?

No, the creepy film, Howard’s Mill is not based on a true story. 

2. Where is Howard’s Mill originally located?

Howard’s Mill is originally located in Springfield, Tennessee. 

3. Is Howard’s Mill haunted in real life?

No, Howard’s Mill is haunted in real life.

4. Can you watch the creepy mockumentary, Howard’s Mill online?

Yes, the creepy mockumentary, Howard’s Mill is available on Apple TV+. 

5. Was Wayne Richie originally raised by an abusive family?

Yes, Wayne Richie was originally raised by an abusive family. 

6. Was the owner’s daughter, Rebecca ever found?

No, the owner’s daughter, Rebecca never returned home. 

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