Why Is The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 Delayed Despite The Release Date Being Confirmed?

The Villainess Is Me, a Chinese manhwa, has caused quite an uproar in the past few months. It is centred around an author reincarnated as her own character, similar to I Became The Wife Of A Male Lead. The Isekai manga aims to deliver an impactful storyline, warped in a hazy blend of action and emotion. Though critics haven’t been able to gauge a distinct storyline, fans are hooked on it due to the impeccable art. Since it is still in its early stages, having only a handful of chapters to its name, there is a high chance the author would imbibe some fresh twists into the manhwa.

While the characters certainly seem multidimensional and dynamic, fans are awaiting the twists as mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, they are left wondering why The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 has been delayed despite the author officially confirming the release date. If you, too, harbour the same question, dive in!

The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 Release Date

An anonymous author, White Paper Sleepy, initially released the first chapter of The Villainess Is Me in 2022 but due to some unfathomable reason, the manga went on an indefinite hiatus. Fortunately for the Chinese-language geeks, White soon terminated the hiatus and continued updating the manhwa at irregular intervals. He soon began serializing the manhwa in the English language, too, on KuaiKan Manhua in July 2023 and has been consistent over the past few weeks. 

The fans jumped on it, ecstatic for the now-translated manhwa and bearing high hopes for its continuation. Due to this exhilaration, each chapter of the manga has become highly anticipated. Recently, the author and multiple online sources confirmed that The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 has been lined up for a release on August 28, 2023. However, the author hasn’t yet updated the manga leaving the readers in a dilemma.

Since White Paper Sleepy hasn’t responded to any complaints or revealed any plausible concerns, fans are still hopeful and obviously a bit agitated. It is speculated that the author will soon announce a concrete release date for The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9, which is expected to be set for September 2023.

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The Villainess Is Me Manga Overview

Alternatively entitled They Said I Am The Villain’s Eldest Daughter, Jùshuō Wǒ Shì Fǎnpài Dà Xiǎojiě and Apparently, I’m The Villainess?, the manhwa revolves around a workaholic writer. The anonymous protagonist is a popular manhwa artist, who is on a tight deadline and has a plethora of work to pull off. She pulls an all-nighter due to the strenuous workload, aspiring to meet the deadline timely. However, the author passes away due to stress overload.

She is then reincarnated as Emi Morwen, the character she was working on prior to her death. Morwen is reputed to be an atrocious villainess, who delights in tormenting those who wrong her–and there are plenty of those. Bold, brazen and deadly, Emi tries to live on her terms but as it happens, fate–or more like the author, who now has to endure the wrath of her own imagination–is strictly against it.

The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 Storyline

Emi is surrounded by self-centred people from all four corners and constantly finds herself stuck amid harsh circumstances. Though she manages to emerge unscathed, some personal decisions render her incapable of resurrecting her strength. By the end of the story, Morwen gives up and kills herself.

However, now that the author has a chance to salvage her character and in turn, herself, it is obvious she would try not to repeat the mistakes mentioned in the novel. Now that the new Emi has embarked on a journey to avoid death and not be a villainess anymore, The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 becomes highly anticipated.

The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Villainess Is Me Manga About?

It is an Isekai manga centred around a manhwa artist who’s reincarnated as her own character, Emi Morwen.

2. Who Is The Author Of The Villainess Is Me?

The manga is written and illustrated by an anonymous author, White Paper Sleepy.

3. Is The Villainess Is Me Adapted From A Novel?

No, The Villainess Is Me is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it isn’t confirmed yet.

5. When Will The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 Release?

The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 is speculated to be released in early September 2023.

6. Where To Read The Villainess Is Me Chapter 9 Online?

You can read the manga on KuiKan Manhwa.

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