Vacation Friends 3 Release Date: Return Of The John Cena Starrer?

Vacations are always meant to be exciting, aren’t they? We often go on vacations either to relax our minds or to have fun with our friends or families. Now, imagine this. You and your fiancée are out on a vacation. After going to the place, you befriend another couple. Sounds fun right? But in a lot of times, it is not that fun. Vacation Friends tells us a similar story.

The idea of this film mainly revolves around a couple who is on a trip. Marcus and Emily are going to Mexico to enjoy their much-awaited vacation. When they arrive in Mexico, they start having a nice time there. As time passes, Marcus and Emily meet another couple who is also on vacation. Ron and Kyla are a bit erratic and wild. But since they are all on vacation, they become ‘vacation friends’. Although this seems like a very good idea at first, later on, it turns out to be one of their worst decisions ever. But amidst all the negative emotions, the two couples develop a bond.

The first two films of this franchise have gained a high amount of popularity over time. Fans have loved the movie and its cast members. Now, they want to know about another sequel. So, what is the release date of Vacation Friends 3? If you are also here to know about this same topic, please go through our article below.

Vacation Friends 3 Release Date: Everything We Know

As you all know, Vacation Friends 2 has come out some time ago. The film was released on 25th August 2023. Everyone who has watched the first part was actually waiting for this sequel. The second part also showcases a storyline that showcases the unique vacational friendship that has developed between the pair of couples. When the moviemakers and studio released the trailer for the second part, it got a huge number of views on YouTube and other social platforms.

After the film got out of theatres, fans now want to know about the possibility of a third part. So, what is Vacation Friends 3 release date? When are we getting a third installment? Now, in this article, you will get to know about the plots of the first and second films. All over, we will tell you about the story of Vacation Friends. But, let us focus on the topic first. As of now, there is not any official news regarding Vacation Friends 3 release date. As you just read before, Vacation Friends 2 came out on 25th August 2023. The producers and directors have not said anything regarding this. Unless the producers and directors see the success of Vacation Friends 2, they will not take steps forward.

And unless all of us are seeing the film and putting in our reviews, the makers will probably pause anything going on. Also, if there is more to the story, then yeah, we might get a third film. As far as I remember, the trailer looked pretty promising. Following the trend of a gap of two years, Vacation Friends 3 release date might be August 2025. But as long as there’s no official news, let us not make any speculations regarding Vacation Friends 3 release date.

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Vacation Friends: Story Of A Wild Friendship

The first part of the movie, as I was saying in the beginning, revolves around Marcus, Emily, Ron, and Kyla. They are two pairs of couples who went on a vacation. Marcus and Emily met Ron and Kyla in Mexico – since both of the groups were on holiday, they started hanging out. Soon, they became good friends within a very short period of time. See, it’s good to have friends even when you have a partner in life. Well, who knew, that later on, Marcus and Emily would regret their decision? Everything was going fine and good. Both of them even decided to lock their relationship and marry. 

Things started to take a wild turn when Ron and Kyla came to their wedding when Marcus and Emily did not even invite them. Vacation Friends 2 takes off with a similar background to the first part. But this time, Marcus and Emily have accepted Ron and Kyla much more. As time has passed, the pairs have developed some bond with one another. They have even started to be ‘best friends’ or ‘besties’ of one another. On the other hand, Marcus and Emily have been quite successful in their respective workplaces. They have toiled a lot and made a good amount of work to be worthy of a trip. This vacation will be entirely paid for by the authorities. 

Marcus and Emily go to spend their vacation in the Caribbean Islands. Since the expenses were paid, they decided to take Ron and Kyla with them too. Everything started to go well until Kyla got a message. Her father was in prison in San Quentin – he has been released and has come to their resort. From this moment onward, things started to get twisted. We get a whole lot of comedy moments from the actors.

Team Behind Vacation Friends And Where To Watch The Films

Both of these movies are directed by Clay Tarver and released by 20th Century Studios. The team has a vast cast. Our favourite Hollywood Star John Cena is a part of Vacation Friends. He portrays the role of Ron. Other notable cast members include Meredith Hagner, Yvonne Orji, Robert Wisdom, Lil Rel Howery, King Bach, Carlos Santos, and Ronny Chieng.

This funny comedy romance action film is available on Disney Plus. If you want to watch Vacation Friends 1 and 2, click here.

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