The Monkey King 2 Release Date: The Notorious Trickster

Fantasy films are always a treat to watch. As our daily life remains full of stress and trouble, these films are like a relief for us. With the comedic elements present in them, they bring out our inner child. The Monkey King from Netflix is such a movie. In this article, we will talk about The Monkey King 2.

If you are a subscriber of Netflix, you might have already seen the movie. The Monkey King is an animated action film that revolves around a monkey’s journey. Our monkey king is a rebel – misdirected by his own ego, he is all set to destroy the harmony. He wants to be the supreme leader across every land including heaven. But gradually, the monkey learns the difference between right and wrong.

Before focusing on the story, let us talk about the possibility of a sequel. Fans have loved the movie and now they want to know – what is the release date of Monkey King 2? To know more about this topic here, please take your time to read our article below.

The Monkey King 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities

When you first read the title, it might remind you of the Jett Lee classic. But no, this film is entirely new. It has beautiful action scenes and wonderful animation moments. The creators have brought up the rich history of Chinese folk stories and blended it with a modern touch. Most of the time, comedy moments in action films turn out to be the worst decisions – but The Monkey King has managed to mix it beautifully. When Netflix released The Monkey King on 18th August 2023, the makers got a huge response.

Now, the audience wants to know about a possible sequel. So, when is the second part coming, and what is The Monkey King 2 release date? Are we getting the sequel soon? Before speculating anything, let us set the facts. Right now, we don’t have any official news about The Monkey King 2 release date. Netflix and the studio are yet to come to a decision. The film is actually based on ‘Journey To The West’. This Chinese tale has at least a hundred chapters but the movie has covered only seven.

So, there is a huge probability of getting a sequel. But before that, the makers will look at the views they are getting from The Monkey King. If the numbers are huge, we will definitely get a sequel. It might happen towards the end of 2025. But right now, there is no official confirmation regarding The Monkey King 2 release date.

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Story of The Monkey King: What Can We See If A Sequel Happens?

The movie revolves around our protagonist (or antagonist if consider his intentions) the Monkey King. He is a tricky and manipulative rebel warrior who has chosen a path of violence. The Monkey King’s only aim is to become immortal and rule the heavens. But although his intentions seem to be quite promising and peaceful when you are reading this, the reality is quite different. The Monkey King just wants to take the short route to success here.

As time passes, his actions become quite antagonistic in nature. Soon, the Monkey King’s arrogant nature and greed push him off to a bad road. He gives in to his demons and this only keeps on driving him to guilt. The only one who tries to help him is Lin. This young girl tries her best to drive him back to the sacred path. In his journey, our hero faces a lot of friends and foes like The Dragon King or Benbo.

But in the end, the Monkey King gets his well-deserved punishment. Budhha sends him behind the bars of a stone cave for five hundred years. Ultimately, some kind-hearted group of travelers frees him. In the sequel, our hero will learn to use his darkness and control his might. We might see the Monkey King form an alliance with Tang Sanzang in order to search for Buddhist scriptures. Their team will face off against monsters, demons, and other creatures from hell.

Team Behind The Monkey King: Cast, Crew, And Others

Produced by Peilin Chou and directed by Anthony Stacchi, this animated film takes us back to the Ming Dynasty. Jimmy O. Yang leads the movie as the voice of our Monkey King. Other notable actors include Bowen Yang, Jo Koy, Hoon Lee, Stephanie Hsu, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport, and BD Wong.

Whatever you read before was pure speculation – we have seen the original novel and then formed the ideas. But in the end, it will be better to wait till The Monkey King 2 Release Date. To watch The Monkey King on Netflix, click here.

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