The Price Of Breaking Up Chapter 47 Release Date: When Can We Expect The Release Of The Next Chapter? Let’s Find Out More On It!

Manga series have always been loved by readers due to their engaging plot and incredible artwork. They provide readers with a different set of experiences in each of the series. This manga series has gained a lot of fan base with time. Now today we will be talking about one such popular manga series. There are 46 chapters of this series which have been published so far. So now fans are waiting for the next chapter as they want to know what happens next. This series which we are going to talk about in this article is “The Price of Breaking Up”. Now fans who have read the earlier chapters are waiting for The Price of Breaking Up Chapter 47 Release date. In this article, we have given this information and also talked about the series. Fans who want to know the release date and people who want to read something interesting should read this article.

The Price Of Breaking Up Chapter 47 Release Date

It has now been made official that Chapter 47 will be released on 27 August 2023. Now the timing of release will be different in different zones. So fans who want to read this chapter should see the timing for their region. Kakao Webtoon is the platform where this chapter will be released. It contains all the chapters released earlier. Also, new chapters will be released on this platform only. So those who want to read this series should visit Kakao Webtoon. This series has received many positive reviews from readers and critics. Also, it has a very high rating and has become very popular among fans. All the chapters till now have received much love and appreciation. These chapters were very interesting and engaging. So is the expectation from chapter 47. Now that the release date has come, fans can relax now. Also, they can switch on their clocks and do the countdown. There is very little time for the release of the awaited chapter of this series.

What Is This Series About?

This series is about Erica who is the lead character of this series. With her there is Irnos and together they make the plot of the series. Now the story so far has shown Erica breaking up with Irnos. After this, she has a hard night with sadness and crying. Also, Erica drank poison that night which contained Fezzentera. Also, Aslia comes to Erica’s room and asks about her. Erica complimented Aslia’s short hair. After the night, Aslia asked Erica that is her whole family does harsh behaviour toward themselves. This was strange for Erica as she didn’t know what was Aslia talking about. It was difficult to talk for Aslia who was showing emotions that he usually doesn’t show. Now Erica was questioning Aslia about what made her come to Erica’s room. With this readers and Aslia came to know that Erica doesn’t know what happened the previous night. She has forgotten everything that has happened the night before. Now let’s see what happens next in the next chapter which will be released soon.

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A Recap Of The Previous Chapter

Aslia answers Erica that she has told him not to leave her and her room. But Erica doesn’t believe her and thinks that he is lying. Now Aslia says that he never lies and then asks Erica that whether she is fine. He wanted to know whether Erica had forgotten about her sorrows. Aslia never wanted to become a medical tool of the church as he was not competent. For this thing, he needed Erica’s help. So Aslia told Erica to be a saint on her own. Now Erica doesn’t have any weakness so she is ready to do that.

Aslia wanted to go but the sword suited Erica. Now Erica posed a condition that she wanted to go to Duke’s residence. Erica also said that there should be no love in this contract as now she doesn’t believe in love. Now she only wants to focus on the task and nothing else. Aslia also promised that it would not happen and there would be only the contract and mutual benefits. Then together they went to the Duke’s residence in a carriage.

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