Damn Reincarnation Chapter 65 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap & Everything You Must Know

The manga series is full of action, thrill, and drama for the audience to read and get entertained. The new series may have new characters emerging for those series only, or the series may have included characters from the last series released. Damn Reincarnation is one of those series, which includes the master of dungeons we saw in some other series.

She is been seen torturing Eugene as he has lost the battle against her. They both are seen fighting in the earlier chapters of the series. So today here we’re to discuss more of the series, Damn Reincarnation, and what is going to happen next in the upcoming chapters of the series. Along with the spoiler to the new chapters and their release date, we must be discussing the review for the earlier releases of the series.

If you too feel super excited about delving deep into this amazing world of fantastic tales and fights, you are at the right place, for by the end of this article you will find out many things unknown from the last chapters, and will also get the spoilers to new releasing of the chapters. Let us move further and see what is going to happen with Eugene next.

Damn Reincarnation Chapter 65 Release Date

With the great success of the earlier 64 chapters of the series Damn Reincarnation, the fans have been demanding for so long to release the new chapter as they can’t just wait to see what will happen next to Eugen after he lost the fight with Amelia. In demand of the readers, the publishers have decided to release the new chapter 65, on August 30, 2023, on their official website. 

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Recap Of The Series

The series, Damn Reincarnation shows in the beginning the fight between Eugene and Amelia Merwin. The fight was balanced till the time, but reaching the end we saw, Eugene get defeated by Amelia and now his complete body is in the control of Amelia. Neither he can move his body wholely, nor any part of the body.

We saw, Eugene being held and under control of Amelia after she won the fight with him. While Eugen was able to speak, and that too because she allowed him to do so. Eugene asks Amelia to come in front as she is holding him from the back. In question, she asks, why he wants her to come in front. Eugene replied he wanted to talk to her face-to-face if possible. 

Later, we see Amelia disclosing the truth that she wants to give immense pain to Eugene and she does have so many ideas. But she feels the best one for him is to drag him and dig him inside the ground and pour hot sand from above. Eugene gets quite worried, about what is going to happen next to him. He feels that while listening things can be so harsh, what will be his state when he has to feel it for real?

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 65

After disclosing her terrifying plan, Amelia says to Eugen she feels to torture him at his worst but even wants to see him cry. Eugene says he is sure to die with her trick but she says, she won’t let him die, for she wants to see him in pain crying for help, not giving him a peaceful death and so easy too.

Further, she says that she will, bury his entire body in the hot sand, only his neck above the part that is the head and eyes to be above the sand. By which, his eyeballs will crack down and the tongue will dry up like the branch of the tree. She says she will feel relieved seeing him become the scarecrow of the desert land. She tells him to further torture him by breaking his legs and inserting blades in his fingers.

She says she will stick metal plates to his arm and hands and finger, so that his arms are striking aching, and his legs will be broken in the sand. She will just be so cruel and heartless that he has never thought of her.

In the next upcoming chapters, we will see Amelia asking Eugene if he knows her and he will answer yes, The Dungeon Master of the Deserts. Se will also reveal the truth about why is she so cruel to him because he has broken her pet which was so lovely to her and she never wanted to lose it.

Where Is The Series Available

The series, Damn Reincarnation along with its earlier chapters, and the new upcoming chapter are all present on their official website. Fans can thus read the series here on Tapas

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