How to Survive As A Maid In A Horror Game Chapter 6 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap & Everything You Must Know

Future manga and manhwa tales have been a great point of interest for all the readers in the entire world. The series is a recent release of manga that shows a group of maids in the house of a little good-looking prince, who is a murderer of different people as the news spreads around in the whole town. The tale is a romantic tale including the criminal one, which every time keeps the maid in danger.

Today we’ll be discussing more of the series, in this article. It hasn’t been a long-run series but was initialed a few weeks before. This series is about the transmigrated maid, the maids in the home, and their psychopath master, who kills people in the night. The new maid knows everything about him, but the old ones are unaware of the fact of their master’s reality and the truth behind his personality.

If you too feel intrigued in knowing more about the series, How To Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game, and about its earlier chapters, spoilers to new chapters, and the release dates of the upcoming chapters, we’ll be elaborating on every point here in this article for you to read and get entertained. 

“How to Survive As A Maid In A Horror Game” Chapter 6 Release Date

After the great success of this beautiful tale of the transmigrated maid, Hilda, and the other maids, Katriana and Leticia in the house of this little prince Adrian. The fans loved the series so much that they made the publishers release their new chapters soon after the release of the earlier one.

Thus, after the release of chapter 5 of the series, on August 26, 2023, the next chapter 6 of the series is set to be released on August 30, 2023, on their official website, Kakao Webtoon Page.

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Plot Of The Series

The series How To Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game is a popular manga series, that begins with a girl, named Hilda in transmigrated to a game and as a maid to the little prince of the town who is known for murdering and roaming in the streets at night. Hilda initially was seen getting the title of the fastest weed picker to earn money for her living. At first, Hilda is seen being accompanied by the maid of the home, Emillie.

In the later chapters of the series, we see Hilda, getting in a fight with some maids who are jealous of her as she is getting more attention from their little prince, Adralin. But in reality, Hilda was not interested in him as she knew what was his real personality, and what he could do. Though Hilda didn’t want to put every maid in difficulty still none listened to her and got cruel to her.

Further, in the series, we see Hilda accompanied by the house’s one of the oldest maids named Leticia, who asks Hilda to go clean the master’s room, but also tells her how he was never baptized for the holy water burned him, as it was touched to him. She was uncomfortable in his room, so she did the work soon and soon decided to leave the room. When she found Leticia along n Adrian’s room, she was scared of the dangers, as she could be murdered by him. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 6

In the last chapter 5 of the series, we see Hilda struggling with her sleep without the pillow trying to find out about Leticia, and asking about her to Katirana. She then finds Leticia outside her room of Adrian, asking if she needs something from her. In return, Adrian answered he felt, that Hilda needed some help as she looked worried.

Hilda told, Leticia to go to the kitchen as someone was calling her, while Hilda went and took off the blanket. She was worried for Leticia as she was scared Adrian could kill her. She wanted to tell Leticia but Arian was present there. Adrian thought he had no plans of murdering Hilda, or Leticia, but he still thinks she will be killed soon, as he is a villainous murderer. 

Hilda was seen leaving his room and ignoring Adrian as she was quite scared of him This act of Hilda shocked Leticia and made Adrian feel his trick was working on Hilda so he had to use something else to lure her and make he to death bed. This will be the next part in the upcoming chapters of the series, where we will see how Hilda will confront Adrian and save the other maids from his trap. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series How to Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game, is available on their official website, including the earlier released chapters, the upcoming new chapter 6 expected to come on August 30, 20023 and all the chapters to be released. Fans can thus read all of them in the Kakao Webtoon Page

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