Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 Release Date Becomes Highly Anticipated After Aka Announces The End Of His Hiatus!

Currently on its thirteenth volume, Oshi No Ko, is a well-established supernatural mystery manga. Hailed as one of the finest Japanese mystery mangas and animes, Oshi No Ko is notorious for the drama stuffed in the manga and outside it. The manga and the anime have been surrounded by controversy before and are alleged of downplaying cyberbullying victims. However, the distributing service, Sentai Filmworks, issued an apology to douse the fire. But now, Oshi No Ko has once again found itself submerged in a heated controversy. The author, Aka Akasaka, indulged in an online argument, which has supposedly drained him.

Due to this, Akasaka announced a month-long hiatus, delaying Chapter 126 of the manga. But instead, he has promised an interlude in the form of Chapter 125.5. Now, fans are wondering whether this interlude chapter will be impacted by Akasaka’s hiatus. If you are one of those fans, wait no more. Dive in to catch the latest scoop on Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5!

Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 Release Date

Also entitled “My Favourite Idol” and “Their Idol’s Children”, Oshi No Ko manga was first released amid the onslaught of the pandemic in April 2020. Illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari and penned by Aka Akasaki, the mystery manga caused an uproar among the fanbase. It was then licensed by Weekly Young Jump and Yen Press. Three years later, in 2023, Daisuke Hiramaki incorporated Akasaki’s manga into an anime which premiered on April 12, 2023. A sequel is currently under production and will soon hit our screens.

In its three-year runtime, Oshi No Ko has managed to compete with the likes of well-established fantasy animes and mangas. One factor contributing to the immense success of the manga is Akasaki’s dedication to releasing a weekly chapter without any delays. But now, after the argument he caught himself in, the manga is witnessing the whiplash. Though Aka is no longer on a hiatus, the manga’s schedule has been disrupted.

Akasaki has announced four interlude chapters that would release weekly to compensate his readers. The second instalment in this drama-packed interlude box, Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 is scheduled to release on August 24, 2023. It will be available in both, Japanese and English languages on Manga Plus and Young Jump.

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Oshi No Ko Manga Overview

Oshi No Ko is a pop-idol drama centred around a famous singer, Ai Hoshino and a gynaecologist, Gorou Amamiya who is a major fan of the former. Amamiya is assigned the task to assist Hoshino, who is on a hiatus, in her pregnancy. After Ai’s twin children are born, Gorou is murdered abruptly. He is then reincarnated as Ai’s son, Aqua, and has retained his previous memories. 

Four years after Aqua’s birth, Ai is slaughtered by the same obsessive fan who killed Gorou. Aqua is left alone with his twin, Ruby, who was also Ai’s fan in her previous life. Unbeknownst to each other, both Ruby and Aqua, are reincarnations of Ai’s fans who were murdered by the latter’s obsessive fans.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 Plot

Twelve years later, as teenagers, Aqua and Ruby, secretly harbor motive to find their father, who they believe is Ai’s murderer. Ruby aspires to become a pop idol and forms a group with Kaba Arima and Mem-Cho. Meanwhile, Aqua becomes an actor and starts working on his debut film. The manga follows the duo’s journey as they find themselves submerged in a bog of conspiracies and conflicting emotions.

While Oshi No Ko majorly revolves around Aqua and Ruby, these interlude chapters are focused on Mem-Cho. She is a YouTuber, who aspires to shed the misconception among viewers that her career trajectory is simple and easy. This upcoming chapter will unveil another layer in Mem-Cho’s multilayered personality.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Oshi No Ko Manga About?
6. Where To Read Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5?
You can read the manga on Manga Plus and Young Jump.

It is a fantasy manga centred around two fraternal twins, who are reincarnated as Aqua and Ruby.

2. Who Is The Author Of Oshi No Ko Manga?

The manga is written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari.

3. Is Oshi No Ko Manga Adapted Into Anime?

Yes, Oshi No Ko manga is adapted into an eponymous anime as well.

4. Is Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 Release?

Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.5 will release on August 24, 2023.

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