Where Is Joana Rodriguez’s Killer Now? Is The Culprit Still Alive? 

From being a mediocre school teacher to becoming an informant for the Houston Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration, the infamous criminal Linda Carty is back on our radar! She is still on death row, but the audience has only one question in mind! What was the real truth here? Is she the actual murderer? Or was all of this planned against her? Last year, ITV premiered a show named British Grandma on Death Row with Susanna Reid, where we learned further about Carty’s fight for justice. 

Well, her legal battle is still very much alive, she is still voicing up to be innocent. That’s not all, she has also got a few dedicated supporters out there who claim that Carty is not the culprit here. It all started with a horrific murder mystery and even after 2 decades, the culprit remains on the loose! This brings us down to Joana Rodriguez and her newborn son. This incident dates back to May 2001 and here is everything you need to know about this deadly murder mystery. 

Where Is Joana Rodriguez’s Killer Now? Is The Culprit Still Alive? 

Where Is Joana Rodriguez’s Killer Now? Is The Culprit Still Alive? 

Yes, you have heard it right, Linda Carty is still very much alive and fighting against the legal system of the United States. According to her statement, she was framed in this murder case. Moreover, sources revealed that some international laws have been compromised in this case. Linda’s attorney further claimed that particularly in her scenario, she didn’t get any assistance from counsel and the State intentionally withheld various items of crucial evidence. 

Before we head to the murder mystery, let’s quickly answer the most asked question out there. Linda is still trying to put in more petitions for herself. No matter what happens, Linda is not going to bow down in front of the system. Speaking of her current whereabouts, sources confirmed that Linda continues to be with the Mountain View Unit. Her case is still handled by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice!

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How Was Joana Rodriguez Murdered? What Happened To Her Son? 

Before telling you more about Carty, you need to know about this deadly murder mystery. A 25-year-old was kidnapped along with her newborn son! This incident happened particularly on the 16th of May 2001. Further investigation revealed that three men along with Carty broke into Rodriguez’s apartment! In addition to this, it was confirmed that to rob Rodriguez’s apartment, they had first tied up Joana’s husband and brother-in-law, and eventually, abducted Joana! 

After stealing the money, they forced Joana to enter the trunk of the car and drove straight to 6402 Van Zandt Street. The three males arrested in this case testified against Linda and said that it was she who had killed Joana! The murder weapon here happens to be a mere plastic bag. It was around 4:00 am when Joana suffocated to death. Thankfully, nothing was done to her newborn who was present in another car. The mother died, but her baby boy was saved by the police department. Since Carty’s fingerprints were present in both of the cars, she was seen to be the murderer of Joana Rodriguez. 

Why Was Linda Carty Telling Everyone That “She Is Pregnant?”

Where Is Joana Rodriguez’s Killer Now? Is The Culprit Still Alive? 

Interestingly enough, even before kidnapping the newborn, Linda had been telling his husband that she was pregnant. Her then-partner, Jose Corona testified against her! According to him, she never took him to the doctor’s chamber. Just like most people, his husband too denied the fact that she was pregnant! Not only that, but he also said that Linda informed him twice that she had a miscarriage! Ultimately it was around the beginning of May 2001, when Corona decided to abandon her forever. 

A few days later, she again called Jose and informed him that she will be giving birth on the 16th of May! This is also one of the main reasons why the state and judges have framed her to be the main culprit here! Most of the evidence was against her and thus, she was given the death penalty. But again, we cannot ignore the fact that other than the three men imprisoned, no one else was present at the murder location! That’s all for now, to learn more about other shocking murder mysteries, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Where Is Joana Rodriguez’s Killer Now? Is The Culprit Still Alive? – FAQs

1. Is Linda Carty dead? 

No, Linda Carty is still very much alive. 

2. Was Linda Carty sentenced to death?

Yes, Linda Carty was given the death penalty. 

3. Is Linda Carty the real murderer of Joana Rodriguez? 

Yes, Linda Carty is seen to be the real murderer of Joana Rodriguez. 

4. What happened to Joana’s newborn son?

Thankfully, no harm was caused to Joana’s newborn son. 

5. Is Linda Carty still pleading to be guilty?

Yes, Linda Carty is still pleading to be guilty. 

6. How was Joana Rodriguez murdered?

As per records, Joana Rodriguez was choked up by a plastic bag. 

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