Where Are Gator Boys Now? What Do The ‘Aligator Boys’ Do In Life Currently? Detailed Information Of Their Lives!

Animal Planet provides audiences with great series and these shows are loved by all. There is a lot to know about animals from these shows. People get a closer look at animal behaviour and the human-animal relationship. One such series is “Gator Boys” which was filmed in Florida. Today we will be talking about this 2012 reality show which was loved by viewers a lot. This show was based on alligators as the name of the show suggests. Fans are eagerly waiting to know where are gator boys now. In this article, we will learn about the current location and profession of these gator boys. So fans who wish to know about them should read this article till the end.

Where Are Gator Boys Now?

There were six cast members who were featured in this show. We will be talking about each one of them in this article. Let us start with Jimmy Riffle. Currently this cast member from the show is working with the alligators. Professionally, he is the owner of Scales Tails and Teeth. He operates this company and wants to make people love wildlife as much as possible. But this is not his only dream.

He wants to open an educational animal park in which people will come and get knowledge about the animals. Also, the first step towards his goal has been made as there is a wildlife park which is owned by him. Now, talking about his personal life, he is currently dating Heather Daly. He celebrated her birthday this August and posted pictures of the same.

Now another lead cast member of the show is Paul Bedard who is also associated with alligators till now. He is involved in rescuing and conserving alligators. Also, he continues this rescue and conservation organization in the name of Gator Boys. There are shows conducted by this organization that are always a huge hit among the fans.

People love this show and they come from different parts of the world to see this attraction. Along with this, there is a YouTube channel named Gator Boys and a food joint named Gator Boys Grill. These are all done by Paul Bedard for now and he is in Florida only.

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About The Show

This show premiered in 2012 in which we could see these cast members. All these cast members are animal conservationists and they are associated with the rescue of alligators. Together they showed rescuing alligators from all over the state. All of them are professionals when it comes to alligators. And as of now also, they are working with the alligators only.

These cast members are loved by all due to their skills and experience. They handle alligators with the most caution and help them to be alive. Gator Boys was a very interesting and popular show. It can be said that the fans of this show still want to know about the cast members. There were many surprising and thrilling scenes in this show.

Cast Members Of The Show

Now comes other cast members namely Chris Gillette and Ashley Lawrence. Both of them were a part of the reality show. And now they are sharing a bond of husband and wife. Ashley is still connected with nature and wildlife. So as of February 2020, she took part in the Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competition in Brighton.

Ashley has connections with the co-stars of the show till now. Her husband works as an animal conservator and a content creator. He has a lot of fan following and subscribers in the internet world. Chris has an organization named Underwater Gator Tours. So this organization provides people with the experience of watching alligators, sharks, snakes, and others underwater.

Tre Huntoon and Scott Cohen are other cast members. Both of them are still in Florida and associated with alligators only. Tre Huntoon was seen assisting the Pesky Critters Wildlife Control in taking an alligator out of the way. So talking about Scott is an alligator wrestler in the organization Scales Tails and Teeth. Also, he is a part of the Gator Boys Roadshows. Scott is married to Valeria Capdevila Cohen and also has a son.

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