Longing For You Episode 8 Release Date: When Can We Expect Oh Jin Seong To Mark A Come-Back?

Longing For You has been a big hit among the fans from the very first episode. The complicated love story and topsy-turvy turns throughout the story makes it even more fascinating and amazing. One of the primary reasons that Longing For You has been able to become so famous and encourage viewers. To seek out Longing For You Season 1 Episode 8 is due to the series’ compelling plot. A weekly release of two episodes makes up the first season of Longing For You, which will include 14 total episodes.  Given the amazing ensemble participating in the movie, they are excited about this vengeance drama. With Kwon Yool at her side, Na In Woo will play one of the key lead parts. In case you are looking for more information on Longing For You Episode 8 Release Date, read the article below.

Longing For You Episode 8 Release Date

On Thursday, August 17th, at 9:00 pm, TVING and TVN will air Longing For You Episode 8 for the first time. Between Wednesday and Thursday, episodes are supposed to become available at roughly 4 p.m. However, you should plan on a delay until they have been fully subtitled. Since the conclusion of the previous episode, Longing For You Season 1 Episode 8 has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the show. Fans of Longing For You Season 1 are eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes after the season finale piqued their interest. This may be the explanation why so many people started looking for Longing For You Season 1 Episode 8.

Longing For You: Storyline

Detective Oh Jin Seong, known for his upbeat demeanour, is called upon when a peculiar murder mystery rattles the tranquil hamlet of Woojin. Jin Seong joins the investigation squad in an effort to clear the name of his younger brother Jin Woo. He is later named as a murder suspect. Fortunately, Jin Woo’s honesty is ultimately proven, and the real offender is identified.

At the Gangnam Police Station, Jin Seong is given additional consideration due to his outstanding behaviour. But tragedy hits as his sibling is sadly killed on a rainy night after being abruptly accosted. Jin Seong sets out in a persistent search for the true murderer. Driven by sadness and a firm resolve to pursue justice for his brother. His difficult voyage will force him to confront buried impulses and family secrets, complicating the inquiry.

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Longing For You Episode 8: Expected Storyline

One of the most-watched South Korean television shows, Longing For You, was first broadcast on July 26, 2023. Within a few episodes of the show’s initial premiere, a new season had been added to the series. Yes! The first several episodes of Longing For You Season 1 have already been broadcast, and Season 1 has finally made its debut.

Longing For You is the newest K-drama with a revenge theme that promises to keep us on the brink of our chairs. The narrative of Detective Oh Jin Seong is depicted in the programme. a vivacious detective from Woojin, a small, free-of-criminal activity town. A murder occurs, however, and Detective Oh Jin Seong’s brother, Jin Woo, is named as a suspect. All of this changes when Ah Jin Seong’s brother is implicated in the crime.

Policeman Oh Jin Woo is killed immediately after Jin Seong succeeds in clearing his brother’s name. In the process of trying to find his older brother’s killer. Jin Seong is made to confront some sobering family facts.

Longing For You Episode 6: Recapitulation

Longing for You’s sixth episode seems excessively drawn out and could be seen as fluff rather than a necessary addition. Jing San, acting impulsively, is seen punching Min Gyu. In spite of this, Jing San is able to seize a bottle of wine with Min Gyu’s print.

He can get into Min Gyu’s cell using these biometrics. Jing San uncovers a text that Min Gyu had concerning an arrest summons for him after getting control of his phone. There are still many things to look at. Even though this discovery poses a serious issue for the case.

Later in the episode, Jing San becomes sceptical about the reporter’s involvement in the case after an argument involving the reporter and him. The next thing we learn about Jing San is that he was recently degraded to an ordinary position in the traffic division, which enrages him. However, his coworkers explain to him why Mr. Cha took this action to prevent the squad from splitting up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Is Longing For You Episode 8 Releasing?

Episode 8 of Longing For You will be released on Thursday 17th August, at approximately 9:00 pm.

2. When Was Longing For You Episode 7 Released?

Episode 7 of Longing For You was released on Wednesday 16th August.

3. When Did Longing For You Episode 1 Premiere?

Episode 1 of Longing For You was released on Wednesday 26th July, 2023.

4. Where To Watch Longing For You?

Longing For You will be available to watch on ​​ENA, Genie TV, and TVING. It will be available on Viki in select regions for those watching internationally. 

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