Is Lifetime’s Boy In The Walls Based On A True Story? Does It Portray A Real-Life Incident?

Lifetime recently released the trailer of its upcoming mystery thriller, Boy In The Walls. Delving into the life story of a recently married woman, Alisa Jensen (Michelle Bathe) who is challenged by circumstances and creepy voices, the film was being considered as highly anticipated and rightly so. Now that Boy In The Walls is premiering on Lifetime, it has established itself as an engrossing and nerve-chilling mystery drama. However, the film has ignited a dilemma among the viewers.

Now, these viewers are left pondering this question; is Lifetime’s Boy In The Walls based on a true story? If it is, do phroggers exist in real life? Well, if you possess the same questions, here’s your chance to get your hands on accurate answers!

Is Lifetime’s Boy In The Walls Based On A True Story?

Directed by Constance Zimmer, Boy In The Walls hit Lifetime on August 5, 2023, and has amassed a wide fanbase in a short time span. With Michelle Bathe leading the cast and the screenplay being helmed by Katrina Onstad and David Weaver, the film sheds light on several real-life concepts. It incorporates emotional arcs and utilizes phrogging as a means to raise havoc in the characters’ lives and awareness in its viewers’. Despite its realistic elements, Lifetime’s Boy In The Walls is not based on a true story.

There are no concrete evidences that verify the authenticity of the story portrayed by the screenwriters, Onstad and Weaver. However, the writers have derived inspiration from real-life phrogging incidents to narrate an enthralling story. The writers seem to be inspired by the recent phrogging events that have been spreading like wildfire on the Internet.

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Boy In The Walls Is Centred Around Phroggers

The term phrogging has been coined in recent years but the act has been practised over centuries. Phrogging is an act in which trespassers occupy someone’s residence without their explicit permission without even informing them. Consider them human ghosts who occupy your walls, survive through your allowance and often cause inconvenience to you. 

Boy In The Walls depicts the story of a recently married woman, Jensen, who has to suddenly migrate from her cheerful New York life to a rural Connecticut locality. She is assigned the role as a stepmother to two teenagers, Maya and Theo, with no support from her husband, Chris. Amid her emotional dilemma, Alisa is forced to overcome creepy noises and strange acts of suspicion.

Recently, in 2019, a couple, James and Brittany Campbell were targeted by a phrogger, Ezequiel Zayas. He resided in their house when they were away for a vacation and laid out a plan to slaughter them. However, the couple were saved in time by their commendable presence of mind. In 2012, a similar case appeared in which a woman learnt about her ex-boyfriend residing in her home anonymously. While the creators haven’t yet confirmed their inspiration, it seems like they have picked these stories and jinxed them with their imagination.

Is Alisa Jensen A Real-Life Character?

While Boy In The Walls is not based on a true story, it is clearly a well-defined curio of hand-picked elements. The film not only aims at highlighting the concept of phrogging but it also tries to blend emotional tropes and motherhood complexities as well. And it succeeds in creating a lasting impact on its viewers with Bathe embodying Jensen with utter finesse.

However, despite Michelle’s elegant performance, Alisa Jensen remains a fictional character. Similar to the intrusion and emotional dilemmas incorporated into the film by Onstad and Weaver, Alisa, too, is a manifestation of their creative minds. A compelling manifestation indeed.

Is Lifetime’s Boy In The Walls Based On A True Story?–FAQs

1. What Is Boy In The Walls Film About?

It is a mystery thriller centred around a newly married woman, Alisa Jensen, who starts to experience ghostly activities in her new home.

2. Who Created Boy In The Walls Film?

The film is directed by Constance Zimmer and written by Katrina Onstad and David Weaver.

3. Is Lifetime’s Boy In The Walls Based On A True Story?

No, it is not based on a true story.

4. Does Boy In The Walls Portray A Real-Life Incident?

No, it does not portray a real-life incident.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Boy In The Walls?

Yes, there is a nerve-wracking trailer available for Boy In The Walls.

6. Where To Watch Boy In The Walls?

You can stream the film on Lifetime!

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