Is Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 Release Date Confirmed? Has Aku Akasaka Revealed Anything?

Listed as the recipient of the Next Manga Award, the Oshi No Ko manga has garnered millions of readers worldwide. Collected into twelve tankōbon volumes so far, the manga keeps enticing its readers with its fairly compelling and fresh storyline. Exploring well-rehearsed concepts such as reincarnation and idols, Oshi No Ko manages to stand out from the rest of the mangas due to its elicit take on the themes. Centred around two high school students, Aqua and Ruby, the manga offers a rollercoaster ride for its readers.

It is due to this wild ride that readers are hooked on the manga and are wondering about Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 release date. With the plot twist introduced in the previous chapters, the question becomes even more prominent. So, here is your answer!

Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 Release Date

The manga is written by Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’s author, Aka Akasaka, who derives inspiration from the live adaptation of the former manga and anime. After Kaguya-same became one of the best-selling mangas, Akasaka decided to explore the themes of reincarnation and idols through his upcoming story. However, as he pondered over the idea and delved into the entertainment industry, he instilled a layer of darkness in his story. According to Akasaka, his contemporary manga lets the audience know of the young actors and actresses “being hurt, exploited and suffering”.

The manga thus contains fragments of several people’s life stories. He then approached Mengo Yokoyari to illustrate the manga. It has been ongoing ever since April 2020 and Akasaka has written twelve volumes and is still ongoing. An anime television series was announced in 2022 and premiered in April 2023 with weekly episodes. A second season has also been announced for the anime! 

Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 is scheduled to release on August 16, 2023. It is being collected in Weekly Young Jump magazine ever since its initial release and will be available in the same, too.

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Oshi No Ko Manga Overview

When the infamous pop idol, Ai Hoshino, announces an indefinite hiatus, her fans are left perplexed. One such flabbergasted fan is a gynaecologist, Gorou Amamiya. Unlike other fans though, Gorou is tasked with delivering Ai’s twins secretly. He takes upon the task and ensures Ai’s secret is safe with him but is slaughtered by Ai’s obsessive fan. Gorou is then reincarnated as Ai’s son but has retained all the memories from his previous life.

Four years later, Ai, too, is murdered by the same fan. However, this anonymous fan commits suicide a while later, too. Twelve years later, Aqua and Ruby have been adopted by the owner of Ai’s talent agency under strict guidelines to not reveal their true identities. However, both Ruby and Aqua remember the details of their life before reincarnation secretly. As the two grow up, their fascination towards finding the identity of their father and solving Ai’s murder mystery becomes an obsession.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 Plot

Both Aqua and Ruby find themselves at odds regarding their approach to finding their father. They start growing apart when Aqua’s desire to dedicate a film to Ai helps them bridge the distance. As Ruby takes on the role of her deceased mother, the duo realizes that Ai has been faking love all her life. As a pop idol, she learnt to mask her feelings and diligently weaved through the darkness of the entertainment industry. However, upon having her kids in her arms, Ai stopped faking emotions and learnt to truly feel.

One of the sponsors of the film turns out to be Ruby’s mother from her previous life. The duo then realize that they have been reincarnated for a purpose and dedicate their lives to discovering that purpose. In the previous chapters, the mysterious Crow Girl, who supposedly knows it all was introduced. Moreover, Ruby has now realized that she is Sarina Tendouji’s reincarnation whom Gorou aka Aqua promised to marry. With the complicated dynamics and such enticing twists, Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 becomes highly anticipated!

Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Oshi No Ko Manga About?

It is centred around two high schoolers, Aqua and Ruby, who are reincarnated as a pop idol’s children.

2. Is Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed!

3. When Will Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 Release?

It will release on August 16, 2023.

4. Who Is The Author Of Oshi No Ko Manga?

The manga is written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Meng Yokoyari.

5. Is Oshi No Ko Manga Adapted Into An Anime?

Yes, it has been adapted into an anime by Daisuke Hiramaki.

6. Where To Read Oshi No Ko Chapter 127 Online?

You can read the manga on Manga Plus.

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