D.P. Season 3 Release Date Is Yet To Be Confirmed! Is The K-Drama Already Renewed?

Did you all check out the new season of D.P.? Featuring notable actors like Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-kyun, and Son Suk-ku, finally after a year and a half, they have reunited for the most-awaited season of the famous South Korean drama series. Yes, you have heard it right, Deserter Pursuit Season 2 is now available to binge on Netflix. Just like the first installment, this season as well is filled with jam-packed action scenes and an intense dose of mystery and suspense. Guess what, the quadruple again managed to impress us with their highly touching acting skills. 

But hey there, the main question is yet to be answered. Is D.P. already renewed for Season 3? Now that the K-drama has made a comeback with Season 2, fans want to learn further about the renewal of the show. D.P. Season 3 is in high talk. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead of our beloved characters. Moreover, looking at the ending of Season 2, various sources think that the original production house will soon show the green flag to D.P. Season 3. This brings us to the main discussion of the day and here is everything you need to know about Deserter Pursuit Season 3. 

D.P. Season 3 Release Date

D.P. Season 3 Release Date Is Yet To Be Confirmed! Is The K-Drama Already Renewed?

First thing first, the extremely popular Netflix K-drama, D.P. is yet to be renewed for Season 3. The official renewal announcement is yet not here. We still don’t know whether the K-drama will get the green signal for Season 3 or not! But again, did you observe the mid-credit scenes revealed in D.P. Season 2? Well, this has surely triggered various types of rumors out there. The show might not be officially renewed, but there was a hidden message for us in the mid-credit scenes of D.P. Season 2. 

Hopefully, Netflix will soon break their silence on this one and show the ultimate green signal to Deserter Pursuit Season 3. Moreover, the second installation of the K-drama had quite a few loopholes which can also be a good sign for us. We still think the story has not reached its concluding point, thus the popular Korean drama, D.P. needs to make a comeback with Season 3. Coming to the release date, according to our anticipations, D.P. Season 3 should be released by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. 

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What Happened In The Final Episode Of D.P. Season 2? 

Fast forwarding to the breathtaking finale episode of D.P. season 2, we all come down to judgment day. As the court trial begins, the strong and fierce lawyer Seo-eun stands in front of the judge with a shocking crime file! All ill records and reports of the army cops have been noted down. The gross malpractices and the corrupt nature of the military have been flashed to the whole world. Moreover, how can we not speak of the intense abusive treatment given to the new recruits? Surviving in the campsite is indeed the most difficult task for a new cadet. 

On the other hand, we have Gu Ja-woon who is ready to play the role of the defense lawyer. He tries his best to give proper justification for all the ill activities happening at the camp location but ultimately the USB drive comes into play. To be on the safe side, Ahn Joon-ho finally decides to summit. Ho-yeol’s plan was indeed executed well. It’s clear now that Park Beom-gu no longer wants to be a part of this rotten army culture. He decides to take the blame on himself and we surely didn’t see this coming. 

The USB drive contained solid proof against the army. The video played in the courtroom clearly portrayed how the army failed to take wise decisions in time. That man who was unfortunately shot dead by Ru-ri’s sudden firing could have been saved! A civilian died and Ru-ri must pay for this crime. Moreover,  Beom-gu is now under the radar of the military police! He has been charged with leaking secret documents and also for ignoring the country’s security. 

Interestingly, the judges still need some time to give the final verdict. But they did accept all the claims and allegations made by Seo-Eun. Finally, there appeared some hope for all the families of the victim soldiers. But Ja-woon’s ultimate reaction to everything looked quite questionable and suspicious. To know further about the ending of D.P. Season 2, head straight to Netflix.

What Will Happen Next In D.P. Season 3? 

D.P. Season 3 Release Date Is Yet To Be Confirmed! Is The K-Drama Already Renewed?

If you watched all the episodes of Season 2, then we are pretty much sure that you have noted down all the loopholes present in the tale. The all-time popular Netflix Korean drama series ended with an appalling cliffhanger and we are surely waiting to see what happens next in Season 3. Both Beom-gu and Ru-ri are arrested. These two are now under military supervision, but the story is not going to end so soon. In the concluding scene of Season 2 Episode 6, Joon-ho, Ho-yeol, and Ji-seop came down to the prison to visit Beom-gu! And interestingly, we also saw a glimpse of Jang-soo, it seems like he has finally realized his mistakes. But this epic drama series will be continued further. 

In the short mid-credits scene, we could see how someone has come down to the army camp, it seems like Cho Suk-bong is curiously waiting to have a word with Joon-ho. As per our theories, Cho Suk-bong has finally recovered from his injuries and might soon place his testimony in front of the judges. His statements can be a game-changer here. He is indeed an important piece of evidence. But again, the change we all have been looking for is not yet here. The judges didn’t announce any strong verdict against the malpractices happening in and around the army camp.

If Season 3 gets a green signal, then the fight of these families, who have been a victim of this cruel system, will be continued. There are still a lot of questions, which haven’t been answered yet. Why did the judges not give in their final statement? Why is justice delayed here? Again, now that Cho Suk-bong is ready to give his words in court, some sort of danger is surely waiting for him. Lastly, the audience still wants to know whether Beom-gu will ever be bailed from prison or not. Clearly, the story needs to be renewed for another installation. Hopefully, in the coming days, we will learn more about D.P. Season 3. That’s all for now, to stay updated with other interesting and enthralling K-dramas, stay connected with us, just right here. 

D.P. Season 3 Release Date Is Yet To Be Confirmed! Is The K-Drama Already Renewed? – FAQs

1. Is Deserter Pursuit Season 3 releasing this year?

The rumors are not true, Deserter Pursuit Season 3 is not coming out this year.

2. Is the intriguing K-drama, D.P. coming back with Season 3?

The intriguing K-drama, D.P. is yet to be renewed for Season 3.

3. When will D.P. Season 3 premiere?

D.P. Season 3 might roll out around the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

4. How many total episodes can be there in the intriguing K-drama, D.P. Season 2?

Just like the first two installments, D.P. Season 3 might also hold a total of 6 episodes.

5. Can you watch all the episodes of D.P. online?

To watch all the seasons of D.P. online, you just need to get a monthly or yearly subscription to Netflix.

6. Is there any teaser available for D.P. Season 3?

As of now, there is no such teaser or trailer available for “D.P.” Season 3.

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