Zom 100 Season 2 Release Date: When Are We Getting It?

You must have heard about the zombie apocalyptic movies and series, right? Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, World War Z, Sweet Home, Zombieland, The Last Of Us are some of the most popular titles on the list. 

Now imagine this. You are spending your sweet time on your sofa watching one of your favourite zombie attack genres. After it’s over, you are heading on to go to work and the moment you open the door, you see zombies in your apartment. There are zombies everywhere.

This is exactly what happened with Akira Tendo. His story is shown in the anime series Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, which is set in a similar kind of storyline. the audience is now interested about Zom 100 season 2. What can be its release date? To know more about this, you have to take some time, and read this article below.

Zom 100 Season 2 Release Date

The world of animation always keeps us surprised with its releases. If you are an otaku, and you love action, adventure and futuristic genre, then Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is a great suggestion for you. If you have watched the series, you might know how good the plot and animations are. Now, for a couple of days, a lot of forums and audiences all across the globe are curious about Season 2. Will Zom 100 get renewed? What can be its release date?

If you also intrigued about the same questions, let’s sort them out at first. We have no news regarding the possible release dates of Zom 100 Season 2. The creators have not yet announced a new season after the ongoing one. So, right now, we cannot comment on the renewal or cancellation status of the anime. The Japanese version of Season 1 premiered on July 9, and every Saturday, there is a new episode. Unless the first season wraps up the story, we won’t be able to know if it has a solid ending. Usually plots with zombie apocalypse doesn’t end with just one part (take Resident Evil and The Walking Dead as burning examples). So, it’s quite normal to expect a second instalment. 

The series is a straight up anime adaptation of the manga Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. The first instalment is going to be upon the first volume of the manga. So, it will be a bit over ambitious if we think that we are going to have just one season. At this point, all we should be doing is watching the whole season as episodes are coming out every Saturday. The creators will evaluate our reviews, and the number of views their product gets across the platforms. Based on how the story advances and what they have left with them, the directors and producers will take a decision. Till there is some official news, all we can do is speculate.

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Zom 100: The Story Of The Living vs The Undead

The anime takes us to a normal city. In the shining high-rises, employees are working hard for their wages. When they enter their job, they are all energetic minds who think about taking their skills to the next level. But as time goes by, their interest fades. Same happened with Our protagonist, Akira Tendo. As months passed, he finds his life boring. In this whole corporate machine, he’s just another gear. And one fine day, he discovers that his city is full of zombies. The moment he starts getting used to the boring life, things just got brighter. Or should I say, darker?

Akira’s vibe was jovial and he made quite a number of friends in the Black Company. When the zombies started invading everywhere, we get to see him making his way to this girl’s house, Saori Ohtori. To his surprise, his zombie office boss was already there. Even if Akira managed to fight him, the zombie virus had already conquered Saori. Akira still confessed his love, saw Saori for one last time and fled.

He used to like Saori. Her smile, her presence just made his day at the office. Akira actually fell for her – but due to her enigmatic behaviour, he could never confess his love. When he heard about the impending doom, all he could think was saving Saori’s life. He wanted to be there for her but he could not. We see a heartbroken Akira reaching the local market and making a list of everything he wants to do. He thinks he will die, so he wants his wishes to be fulfilled. To know what happens to Akira, you can watch this anime on Crunchyroll.

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