The Beginning After The End Release Date, Plot, And Predictions!

Most of the animes are based on mangas or web novels. Although there are animes that do not have basic mangas on which it is based, most of the animes do have some mangas on which it is based. However, the scenario may be the opposite as well. Some manga do not receive any anime adaptation no matter how good they are. The Beginning After The End is one such anime. The manga made its debut in 2018; it is continuing. Fans are eager to witness the anime version of this manga. If you want to know what is the status of the aforementioned web novel, you will have to read further.

The Beginning After The End Release Date

As has been stated in the introduction, The Beginning After The End first appeared in print in 2018. It currently has 175 chapters which means that there are ample chapters for a whole anime to be made. Although the manga is not yet complete, an anime can be made upon it considering there are many such animes that are made on materials which are not even complete. However, why is the manga still not receiving an anime adaptation?

The Beginning After The End has not received a green light for its anime adaptation to be made. The anime-making industry, the creators essentially, have not talked about the anime version of The Beginning After The End. Although the fans are willing to see this anime on screen, the makers and the showrunners have not yet considered it. The exact reason why they are not taking up this manga for making an anime is not known to us. The industry has not revealed anything as of now.

Currently, there are rumours going around that the manga may receive an anime adaptation soon and that its announcement is going to be made in October of this year. We must inform you that these are only rumours and there is no truth to them. Nevertheless, we want the rumours to come true, but will that be the case? We do not think so because the creators and the anime industry have not thought about making an anime adaptation of The Beginning After The End. Therefore, it is difficult to state if the anime is going to receive its release date soon. As of now, The Beginning After The End has not received any release date as such.

The Beginning After The End Plot

The name of the manga itself states many things about the plot. Sometimes the end of something gives rise to a new beginning. The same thing happened with King Grey. The main theme of the manga is reincarnation. The belief in reincarnation is quite strong among East Asian countries. Hence, we will find various anime, manga, series and movies based on this theme. This is one such manga. It follows an interesting storyline that is going to keep you engaged.

King Grey was a great leader and ruler. However, like everybody, he too made several mistakes in his past life. He needs to correct those mistakes but time travel is not possible. He has to have a new chance where he can lead a life without committing those mistakes. His wish gets fulfilled in a way that no one expected. King Grey meets his death. He dies an untimely death which leads his way towards a second life. He is reborn as Arthur Leywin in the continent of Dicathen. What is he going to do in this new life? To know more, you will have to read the manga.

The Beginning After The End Predictions

We are predicting that since the manga has reached 100+ chapters if an anime adaptation is made, it would not fall short of any material. An anime adaptation of the manga can be made considering the amount of material it has received to date. If an adaptation is made, it will probably have a minimum of at least two seasons. After the manga comes to an end, the exact number of seasons that can be made can be predicted. 

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The Beginning After The End Review

The Beginning After The End is having extraordinary reviews. Fans who have already read the manga praise it highly. Since the fans have loved it immensely, they have been demanding an anime adaptation for a long time now. If you are willing to give it a read, you can do so without any hesitation because it is a good one that you will love.  

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