Is The Out Laws Based On A True Story? What’s The Inspiration Behind This Netflix Film?

Featuring Workaholic’s alum, Adam DeVille in the lead role, The Out Laws dropped on Netflix a couple of days ago. Blending in the comedy and thrill genres, the film revolves around a simple bank manager, Owen Browning (Adam DeVille). With a few screws loose in his head, Browning has a unique perception towards…well, everything. His would-be-wife, Parker McDermott (Nina Dobrev) is the yin to his yang in her own crazy manner. With their wedding day approaching closer, Parker’s parents drop at Owen’s apartment and the havoc ensues.

While most of the comedy thrillers aren’t based on a true story, the questions regarding the inspiration behind The Out Laws are flourishing. Fans are wondering whether The Out Laws is based on a true story or not. To all those fans, here are the answers!

Is The Out Laws Based On A True Story?

Helmed by the director of The Wrong Missy, Tyler Spindel, The Out Laws is the perfect lazy binge-watch. With DeVille’s immaculate comic timing and the in-laws’ drama, the film has caused quite an uproar. This ninety-minute-long film effectively manages to grip the attention of the viewers and can truly be a delight to watch if you’re into comedy thrillers. And all the while you’re watching the film, this question will keep knocking at your head.

Is The Out Laws based on a true story? Well, it isn’t. Though the makers are yet to comment on the authenticity of the film’s inspiration, it is evident that the answer to the question is an astounding no. The film accumulates realistic elements such as a sociopathic antagonist and the chase to rob a bank. However, it is a mere figment of  Ben Zazove, Evan Turne and Ben Zazove’s imagination brought to the screen by a talented cast ensemble.

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The Inspiration Behind The Out Laws

The second relative question that pops into my mind is whether The Out Laws derives inspiration from a real-life incident or a novel, isn’t it? While the simple answer to the first question has been a straightforward no, this question is rather complicated. Since the makers and the writers are yet to open up about their inspiration behind curating The Out Laws, the answer is rather hazy.

However, it is confirmed that The Out Laws isn’t based on a true story and neither is it inspired by a novel. As for the source of inspiration, it seems like the film it would be a while before the filmmakers comment on it.

What Is The Out Laws Movie About?

A hilarious joyful ride packed with a punchy storyline and lead by a lunatic character. Well, that one line surmises the whole plot of The Out Laws accurately. A typical American couple, Owen and Parker, are mad in love with each other and want nothing more than to tie the knot. As the wedding ordeal begins, Parker’s parents, Lilly (Ellen Barkin) and Billy (Pierce Brosnon) drop unannounced at Owen’s doorstep. With them arrives a myriad of issues, too.

Though Owen and Parker believe that the latter’s parents hail from a deserted forest, they aren’t aware of the dark past they harbour. On the other hand, the ghost of their past, Rehan (Poorna Jagannathan), catches a whiff of the McDermott couple being back in town. The couple owes her a couple of million dollars and with Owen being the manager of a bank, the situation becomes intricate.

As Rehan starts blackmailing Lilly and Billy, the couple put two and two together and retrieves the code to the safe from a drunk Owen. When Owen finds his bank’s safe robbed, he connects the dot to his future in-laws. With Parker still unaware and Owen struggling to find a piece of evidence, there awaits huge shock for the four of them. Rehan has manifested a plan and the four of them end up becoming mere pawns. 

Is The Out Laws Based On A True Story?–FAQs

1. What Is The Out Laws Film About?

It is a comedy thriller centred around a bank manager who finds out that his future in-laws might be thieves responsible for stealing from the bank he works for.

2. Is The Out Laws Based On A True Story?

No, The Out Laws is not based on a true story.

3. Who Is The Creator Of The Out Laws?

The film is created by Tyler Spindel, popularly known for directing Pretend Time.

4. Is The Out Laws Film Worth Watching?

If you are into comedy-drama films, you can give The Out Laws a try, just don’t dive in expecting much.

5. Is A Trailer Available For The Out Laws?

Yes, there is a trailer available for a film.

6. Where To Watch The Out Laws Film?

You can stream the film on Netflix!

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