Wake Up Carlo! Season 2 Release Date: Exploring Possibilities!

Have you ever had those terrible dreams where you went to sleep normally, but woke up to find out that the outside world is much different. Dreams, where the people whom you used to know are not the same anymore? This sounds absolutely scary, right?

The same has happened with the little boy Carlo. Wake Up, Carlo! Season 1 is all set to release on 6th July 2023. The exciting storyline is already making a place in everyone’s hearts. The show’s trailer was released just three weeks ago, and it has already got a huge number of views on YouTube.

If you want to know more about Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2, you have chosen the right place. Just hold on a bit longer and continue reading the article below.

Wake Up Carlo! Season 2 Release Date

If you are a Netflix subscriber, you might not have noticed a new name popping up in the animated series section. Yes, we are talking about Acorda, Carlo! It is a new animation series that hails from Brazil. After its release there, we might be able to view it soon.

If we consider from the creators’ point of view, they have not yet declared anything. The writers and animators are probably looking for a good response from the audience. The show might be airing in Portuguese language but soon, it will be made available in English, too. If you look at the comment section of the trailer on YouTube, you will be able to see how excited people are regarding its release.

We got a very short teaser of Acorda, Carlo! from Netflix Brasil at least a month ago. We received the full trailer and within some weeks, there are 1.7 millions of views. Right now, we are a day behind the release of the first season of the series. And from the audience’s side, we are speculating that every one of us will welcome it with open arms.

Based on the reception, the creators might plan for a second instalment. Or, if the first series ends with loose threads, we will get a sequel for tying them up. But for now, there is no official news regarding Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2.

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Wake Up, Carlo! Season 1: The Topsy Turvy World Of Surprises

The animated series from Brazil revolves around the life of Carlo. He is a little boy who loves to play around and sing away the time with his friends. They hang around everywhere with him. Apart from this, Carlo is a cookie monster. He loves to eat different types of cookies. But who knew, that this habit will get his whole life twisted all of a sudden?

Yes. Our boy Carlo could never live without indulging himself into the world of cookies. The 7-year-old somehow had a passion for cookies filled with sweet guava jellies and one day, it changed his whole life. Carlo fell asleep after eating those cookies. His sleep was, indeed, not a normal one- the cookie was probably enchanted with some spells. As Carlo closed his eyes, the world around him changed while he kept on sleeping through time. After a long 22 years, Carlo finally woke up from his deep slumber.

He could not believe his own eyes when he found that the world in which he lived, has transformed entirely. But what’s more heartbreaking was when Carlo started to look for his friends. He was sad to find out that all of his childhood friends are all grown-ups now. They are not the same friends that Carlo roamed around and played with. He is a fun-loving boy so he tries his best to convince them to play like children again. To find out whether Carlo gets to enjoy going on adventures with his friends again or not, you have to watch this exciting, funny and beautiful story of friendship that transcends beyond time and space.

Wake Up, Carlo! The Team Behind This Animated Wonder

Directed by Juliano Enrico, the series has been brought to the screens by Copa Studios. It is a renowned production house from Latin America, whose notable works include Jorel’s Brother. The animators have done a wonderful job in portraying the colourful world in the series.

The series have been voiced by Gustavo Pereira. He is a quite renowned actor who has years of experience. Gustavo has been on screen in a lot of Portuguese series and movies before. So, he will be doing justice to the characters. Before getting the series, you can watch the trailer and decide. Please find the link at the top of this article.

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