My Happy Marriage Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained!

Now in the current few years,  Netflix has been bringing to us some great anime series and they have officially made sure that they can compete with all the well-known studios out there. My happy marriage is one of those series, and many otakus out there may also be very well known with the name because the manga as well as the light novel which shares the same title with the anime series were quite popular when they made it6 to us quite a long time back. Following that many people all over the world have been very much excited about the anime series after just watching the trailer of the show which depicted the life of an absolutely beautiful girl, who has been brought into the world out of a marriage that had no love in it, and soon started her suffering when her mother passed away. Now what happens to the future of this girl is what we are going to see in this series. The next episode of the show will be making it to us on the 12th of July 2023 and nothing has been confirmed by the studios regarding how many episodes we will be getting in the first season of the show.

For those who don’t know we find this anime to be in the science fiction as well as the slice of life genre, which are apparently two of the most famous genres in the anime world. Following that many people who haven’t known much about the story or how the story will be moving forward, have some questions about what kind of a series this will turn out into and there are many questions that we have in mind regarding the mysterious character of kudo, yes the man who is known as the “ flower in ice” for our main protagonist. However, no worries as we are going to clear everything out regarding the first episode of the show in this article.

My Happy Marriage Season 1 Ending Explained

My Happy Marriage Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained!

At the end of the first season of the show, we were left at an abrupt stop with no hints given on the character of Kudo, who is the head of the Kudo family. However, for those who haven’t watched the first episode or are still a bit confused regarding the course of events, let’s just recall them or summarize them a bit at first.

We have got two sisters, Miyo and Kaya of the Saimori family, which is a family of gifted individuals, now both of them have the same father but have different mothers, and as we have already seen in the trailer of the show kaya was brought into the world out of a marriage which was no more than a business deal.

In the first episode we also get to see that after the death of her mother and the entry of her stepmother into her life, and the Saimori family, her life has been terrible. Following that, we see that Kaya goes to school but Miyo though being an elder stays around the house and does household chores, she has got a love interest also, or as we may say a very close friend called Koji, who also likes her, but looking at the fate of Miyo it was never supposed to happen, and soon the dreadful day came when the marriage of kaya and koji was finalized and along with that Miyo was decided to be married to the famous head of the Kudo family. He is very well known however he has a bad name for himself because all of his wives have run away just within a few days of marriage and according to rumors he is very cruel and harsh.

We see Miyo making no objections and following her father’s orders, as she feels the emptiness in her heart of losing her mother’s last symbol” the turn of the cherry blossom” and also losing the house she used to call home.

The next day we see that Miyo has been sent off to the Kudo household to make arrangements for her marriage that is going to be held with the head of the family. And when she reaches she is actually greeted by a very joyous maid, who is extremely excited to see her. Following that soon she enters the room and her life turns around when she sees an absolutely beautiful man who is the head of the Kudo family and also her future husband.

Now for those wondering about this mysterious character of Mister Kudo, he seems like a nice man with a lot of personality, and with just the first glance we can predict that this man has been fake rumored about his temper and is going to turn Miyo’s life completely.

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Where Can We Watch My Happy Marriage Episode 1?

The show is currently available for streaming on the Netflix platform and all further episodes of the show will be making it to us on the same platform.

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