Is Stephanie Ruhle Married? Everything About Her

Since last year, America is going through a lot of political turmoil. If you are interested in international politics, then you must have come across The 11th Hour on MSNBC. It is one of the most popular political TV shows for people of the United States. With a crazy amount of increasing viewership, this show has become the favourite for many Americans.

In this article, we will be talking about Stephanie Ruhle. Yes. She is none other than the host of The 11th Hour. Apart from being a news programme host, she has been on the headlines for many reasons. But is she married to someone? If you want to know more about this, please continue reading the article.

Is Stephanie Ruhle Married? Her Relationship Status

Stephanie Ruhle is one of the remarkable media personnels out there. Apart from watching her on MSNBC, you have seen her very recently. On May 2023, she was interviewing President Joe Biden from the White House. Before knowing about anything, let’s get into the topic right away.

The answer is yes. Stephanie Ruhle is married. The stunning TV anchor and news analyst is married to Andy Hubbard. Reportedly, it was way back in 2002, when Stephanie and Andy got married. Unlike other couples, this duo preferred an extremely private ceremony. Although Andy Hubbard doesn’t like to stay in limelight, we have gathered some info about him.

The 50-year-old engineer is a successful entrepreneur. Andrew might have gained fame due to his wife Stephanie, but he is a senior businessman with decades of experience in air traffic business. After marrying Stephanie Ruhle, they are living happily in their own abode in Manhattan. The couple has been blessed with three children- Drew, Harrison and Reese.

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Who is Stephanie Ruhle? More About The 11th Hour Host

The veteran news anchor hails from New Jersey. Like her parents Frank and Louise, Stephanie is a Catholic. Before dominating the world of political news, the 47-year-old was into the finance industry. She spent at least 14 years mastering the craft of being a business analyst. She did not enter the world of journalism just after graduating from Lehigh University.

After earning a major in international business, Stephanie was quick to shine in the field of salespersonship. Stephanie was one of the most prominent salespersons in Boston. According to Credit Suisse, as an employee, Stephanie had record breaking sales. In her initial years, Stephanie had to take up different roles- a managing director or a banker, she did it all.

Due to her studies, she had to visit different locations at times. So, she had a very clear idea about the sales industry. Apart from this, she was interested in journalism. You could easily spot her on Bloomberg Tv shows in the morning. The news audiences were quick to recognize her within a very short period of time.

Stephanie Ruhle: Her Rise To Fame

Stephanie’s spent the initial days of on the news rooms of Bloomberg TV as a journalist. Those two-hour long morning shows might be pretty dull and sometimes boring, but Stephanie was able to make her way through the crowd.

Being a witty journalist, she was soon becoming the favourite member from any panel of hosts. Soon, she was able to interview different successful persons. A lot of them were famous too. The rich list includes names like Martha Stewart, Russell Simmons, Sean Parker, Kanye West, Sean Diddy Combs. As a successful host, she paved her way for connecting with the world of politics and sports. NBA stars like Dwayne Wade and the late Kobe Bryant had sat down with her. Stephanie Ruhle even profiled the then Mayor of New York city and former president of the United States, Donald J Trump.

There has been a lot of controversial moments regarding her personal opinions or the content of interviews. Some of them led to feuds between celebrities or terrible backlash on various media platforms regarding the spread of misinformation. But as years have passed, these have only taken Stephanie Ruhle higher in her career. She has been featured in a number of documentaries and notable magazines like Business Insider, Shape, Fit Pregnancy.

As we read before, Stephanie Ruhle was an expert salesperson. Being a responsible employee and a working mother, she founded a handful of organizations, trustee boards or have been chairpersons for committees aimed for the welfare of women. Apart from being the permanent face of The 11th Hour, the MSNBC host is also the founder of the White House Project, which aims for female leadership in various fields.

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