Who’s Lauren Graham Husband? Is The Actress Married?

American by origin Lauren Helen Graham is an actress as well as an author. Nominated for prestigious awards like Screen Actors Guild, Satellite Awards, and Golden Globe Awards, Lauren is an acclaimed actress and even praised by critics. Her role as Lorelai Gilmore on the TV series Gilmore Girls got praise from all sides and even caught the attention of famous award juries like the Golden Globe, Screen Actors and Guild, and many more.

Apart from television series, Lauren has also been active in the film industry with films like Bad Santa, Because I said So, Sweet November, The Pacifier, and Evan Almighty in her bag. She even published a novel Ballantine Books in 2013 and another one in 2018 with the title, In Conclusion, Don’t worry about it. Currently, Lauren is playing the role of Alex Morrow in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. Lauren is not married but has a Live-in partner named Peter Krause. Lauren has been living with Peter for about 11 years in Los Angeles.

Lauren Graham Early Life

Lauren Graham Husband

Lauren Graham was born in the seductive ambiance of Hawaii on March 16, 1967, to mother Donna Grant and father Lawrence Graham. Her mother was a fashion buyer while her father was a candy industry lobbyist. Lauren’s got divorced when she was just five because her mother wanted to pursue her artistic career in London. That’s why Lauren went with her father to the Virginia suburbs of Washington to live the rest of her life. Lauren started acting from his High school and got her acting graduation completed from Southern Methodist University in 1992.

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Lauren Graham Professional Life

Lauren Graham appeared in various TV commercials from 1994 to 1996 and then debuted from 3rd Rock From The Sun. Thereafter, she appeared in Law and Order opposite Cohen. A grand entry for Lauren Graham was her appearance in Gilmore Girls as Lorelai Gilmore. Her performance gained her nominations for the 2002 Golden Globe Awards as well as 2001, 2002 SAG Awards.

Her film career covers various major studio releases like Bad Santa, Sweet November, Because I said so, The Pacifier, and Evan Almighty. Lauren has been active in independent cinema for a long time and enjoys being with different types of directors and co-stars. Lauren appeared in Guys and Dolls in 2009 as Miss Adelaide. Till then Lauren has been doing several roles in independent as well as mainstream cinema. Recently in 2017, she got the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm which is a comedy show critically as well as professionally acclaimed. In 2020, she appeared as Zoey’s Boss in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist which is an NBC show.

Lauren Graham Husband

Lauren Graham Husband

As per reports, Lauren has not married yet. But it’s well known that she has been in a relationship with Peter Krause since 2010. Both of them fell in love with each other when they appeared on the set of Caroline in the City sitcom in 1995. Gradually with time, they became a couple while acting along in Parenthood. Lauren has no child yet and there is no news if she planned to have a baby or not. Even after 11 years, she and Peter are just living in Live in and have no intention of having a baby for now.

So here was some interesting info about the relationship status of Lauren Graham. So the conclusive fact is that she has not been married yet and is in a Live-in relationship with Partner Peter Krause. For reading more such interesting stuff, click on the links below to visit such interesting blogs. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page so that we can know that you are liking our stuff and that motivates us!! See you in the next blog!

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