Hidden Strike 2023 Release Date: The Jackie Chan And John Cena Starrer Action-Thriller Raise Anticipation!

The action legend, Jackie Chan and WWE Superstar’s John Cena collaboration is the most gripping point of this upcoming action thriller, Hidden Strike. These two actors need no introduction, do they? Chan who’s popular for his roles in Police Story and The Legend of Drunken Master is considered to be the epitome of combat skills and stern expressions. Cena doesn’t fall short either with his doting presence in Blockers and Trainwreck screaming about his acting and action skills. The collaboration between these two no doubt has become a hot topic ever since the trailer for Hidden Strike premiered on May 30, 2023.

And as everyone expected, Chan and Cena would come up with iconic action scenes. Action-thriller geeks have their eyes set on this upcoming film. Now that the trailer is out, the anticipation for the Hidden Strike release date is charting high.

Hidden Strike 2023 Release Date

In 2018, the production of the plausible action drama film began. Long before that, the storyline was under development and the changes just kept coming. Scott Waugh took over as the director of the film and it is under production ever since. Previously entitled S.N.A.F.U then Project X-Traction, the film kept on witnessing several transformations and delays. However, the years-long wait of fans to witness Cena and Chan together is nearing its end.

The trailer for Hidden Strike promises an explosive journey of special cops, security agencies and all other officials involved with the oil refinery at risk. As engrossing as the trailer is, it is just that–a trailer. The film is yet to reach theatres! Hidden Strike 2023 is shelved into the coming soon box with no release date being confirmed by Waugh and his team. It is speculated that Hidden Strike will strike openly in the third quarter of this year! Meanwhile, keep an eye open for the Hidden Strike release date to be announced officially.

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Hidden Strike Plot Details

“There is a plan, they just don’t know what it is.”

The poster of Hidden Strike hints at a suspense story lurking beneath the generic save-the-world trope. Though not much is known about anything Hidden Strike related, its trailer serves as a vague framework of what this upcoming film could be. It is centred in Iraq where an oil refinery is attacked and chaos is floating in the air. Deadly attackers are looming over the head of the oil rig workers and protecting them has become a major concern for the company.

To carry out this mission-impossible-style task, a Chinese security officer, Luo Feng (Jackie Chan) is contacted. Though Feng and Chris Van Horne (John Cena) are not on the best terms, their mission glues them together and they find it impossible to not seek each other’s help. Both Horne and Feng are dealing with the same enemy but from the poster’s opening line, it is clear that there is much more at stake for these characters. What is it, we will only get to know when Hidden Strike hits theatres.

Hidden Strike Cast And Character Guide

This explosion-fueled suspense-laden film is led by Jackie Chan and John Cena. Chan takes on the Chinese security officer, Luo Feng who’s extremely devoted to his job. Chan is known to instil his mind-boggling martial arts skills into his projects and this one is no different. Chan with a revolver in his hand and furrowed brows is a stern officer but his comic timing cannot be overlooked.

On the other hand, Cena with a sniper gun isn’t holding back either. He is on a mission of taking down the oil refinery attackers, too–or so it seems from the trailer. Cena’s character, Horne, is an ex-Marine and shares Feng’s devotion. The other cast members include Pilo Asbaek, Zhenwei Wang, Minghao Hou and more!

Hidden Strike 2023 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Hidden Strike Film About?

It is an action thriller film directed by Scott Waugh, starring John Cena and Jackie Chan in the leading roles as they try to fight off enemies in the Middle East.

2. Is The Hidden Strike Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

3. When Will Hidden Strike Premiere?

Hidden Strike is expected to premiere in the third quarter of 2023. However, an official release date isn’t out yet.

4. Is A Trailer Available For Hidden Strike?

Yes, there is an action-filled trailer available for Hidden Strike!

5. Which OTT Platform Has Licenced Hidden Strike Film?

It is speculated that either Netflix or Hulu will licence Hidden Strike but nothing has been officially confirmed.

6. Will Hidden Strike Premiere Globally?

Yes, it will! Hidden Strike would premiere in the United States first before premiering globally though.

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