Barbie Movie Release Date Is Now Announced! The First Live-Action Barbiverse Film Is Arriving Soon To Lure You In!

You simply cannot deny that the blonde-haired, lithe-legged, smiling Mattel doll doesn’t hold a special place in your wardrobe–and heart. Each one of us has a Barbie doll somewhere hidden in our closet as a token of our nostalgic childhood. Greta Gerwig’s latest film is centred around the Mattel fashion doll, Barbie and is aptly titled the same, too. There have been countless animated films, series and games centred around this blonde reminder of our sweet memories. 

The Barbiverse is an opal picturesque world wherein Barbie sprinkles her magic and makes the universe a symphony of smiles. Now, Gerwig has brought forward this grandiose universe to life in the first-ever live-action Barbie doll-based film. With the promise to surprise us and intentions to amaze us, Barbie is soon to knock on the golden screen. And yes, its release date is now finally out!

Barbie Movie Release Date

Barbie animated films have always managed to captivate worldwide audiences and bring commercial success to the franchise. However, there have been no live-action films developed not for lack of trying though. In 2009, Sony Pictures and the doll manufacturing agency, Mattel collaborated together to orchestrate the first-ever Barbie live-action film. Their truce, sadly, couldn’t last long because of the uncertainty aspect of the film manufacturing process. 

Sony, as committed as the organisation was then, was overshadowed by the lack of a proper script. The organisation brought in several directors and many times, the script was almost ready and the production was due to start in a couple of months. In the end, though, nothing worked out and Sony and Mattel’s alliance deteriorated.

In late 2018, Mattel joined forces with Warner Bros. Gerwig with the help of Noah Baumbach began working on the screenplay almost immediately but then Covid-19 enveloped the world. Gerwig and Baumbach didn’t let the opportunity slide though. They developed the screenplay and Gerwig later took the role as a director in 2021. She steered the Barbie movie in the right direction which is scheduled to hit theatres on July 21, 2023. An OTT release date and platform are yet to be confirmed though.

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Barbie Movie Premise: What Will This Live-Action Drama Be About?

While Greta has been forthcoming about her ambitions regarding the project, she has been silent regarding the premise of the film. Barbie is something you wouldn’t have guessed, that’s Greta and Noah’s motto. They are aspiring to stun viewers and let their jaws drop in awe as they watch Margot Robbie take on Barbie. Their secrecy, however, isn’t something helping our anticipation, is it?

Rumours regarding the premise of Barbie being centred around Mattel’s production of the first Barbie doll in the late 1950s are flourishing. On the other hand, given the teasing posters and pictures Gerwig and the team have released, it is speculated that the Barbie film will be revolving around a fantasy Barbie universe–abbreviated as Barbieverse. Some claim that it is a romantic comedy while others rely on the film’s genre being sci-fi. However, the makers are yet to reveal the accurate genre.

Barbie Movie Cast And Character Guide

The film’s storyline might be a top-notch secret but its cast and character list has been made available thankfully. Leading the film, in the titular role is the Wolf of Wall Street’s Naomi aka Margot Robbie. With her exuberant personality, blonde hair and vibrant smile, it is no doubt Robbie is a stellar choice for the role. As Gerwig once mentioned, Barbie is a character full of life and exuberance and Margot has vibrancy down to a fine art.

Taking on the role of Ken is Ryan Gosling. However, his exact role in the film is yet to be known. Whether Ken is Barbie’s best friend, love interest or more isn’t defined yet. The other cast members of the Barbie film include America Ferrera, Will Ferell and more! More about their roles in the film will be disclosed on July 21!

Barbie Movie Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Barbie Movie About?

It is the first live-action film to be centred around the Mattel doll, Barbie.

2. Is Barbie Movie Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

3. When Will Barbie Movie Premiere?

Gerwig’s Barbie film will premiere in theatres on July 21, 2023.

4. Who Is Playing Barbie In Barbie Movie?

The titular role in the film is played by Margot Robbie.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Barbie Movie?

Yes, a trailer is available for you to stream!

6. Where To Watch Barbie Movie Online?

The makers haven’t yet confirmed which OTT platform will licence the Barbie film.

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