Fanfic Movie Review And Ending Explained: Did Tosiek Finally End Up With Leon?

The fanfic movie may sound like something that is completely related to some fan fiction or the concept of fan fiction where fans create their own fictional stories or it’s basically the creation of people who are not actually writers themselves and have got no one to produce their work. Now though there is a part of the story which has got fan fiction and its concepts highlighted, at the same time it has got a deep symbolic significance, because the main character of the movie, Toska who is basically the creator of fanfiction, these fanfiction aren’t just the imaginary creation of her mind and have got no meaning, they are actually repression of how she wanted the world to be and how things around her seem weird to her, but that’s the only way she has got to open up herself to the world and accept what is going on. For those who are wondering what this entire movie is all about, it’s about the complication that many of us face, regarding our genders.

From an early age, only gender has been a label that has been awarded to us based on our basic physical bodies. Though in the middle of all this something that all of us forget is the fact that gender, is not something we can use as a label, it has got a huge deal of emotion connected to it, and nobody can be constricted within the four walls of gender labeling. A person can be anything and identify herself as anything but at the same time, that shouldn’t stop them from being attracted to anyone else. We are not here to create any bindings but society has been doing it and the hardships that a person has to face, have been very beautifully portrayed in this movie.

Fanfic Movie Ending Explained

Fanfic Movie Review

As we already know the rating of the movie has been quite good, and the movie is actually adapted from a novel of the same name written by Natalia Osinska. From the response that the book as well as the movie has received, we can consider the movie to be quite good but at the same time, it is quite complex. The ending may seem like a subtle one but at the same time, it portrays the deep complexities that the person and the person close one has to face in accepting their true nature, and who they are, because society has already created a definition of labeling in our mind since a very young age.

Following this as we all know Toska has finally realized that she is good at identifying herself as him and the entire time that she has been feeling out of place and all her fan fiction whatever has been inspired and going on in her head has been just because of the fact that she has been not able to realize the fact that she doesn’t identify herself as she but as he. Now after she pit on Leon’s clothes everything gets so much sorted and slowly the new version of her, is Tosiek. Now following this we have also realized that it was quite difficult for society to accept her, the first one being Max who was in her class, but after people started standing up for her, things changed and somewhere max also changed and stood up for her when she was being bullied by the school teacher for identifying as he.

Following all this finally we see that her dad is trying to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is actually a boy and not a girl, and this sudden change is tough for him to accept. He takes the help of Koko’s father and son at some point he realizes that because of these things, he just can’t let his child get away from him. Based on this, he also talks with Tosiek about how he realized in his childhood that Tosiek was so impressed with a guy that he wanted to be a guy, and her mother has no problem with that. It was his father who thought it would have been better if he wouldn’t accept it at that time, but soon things started getting worse.

Following all this we see, Tosiek has got to get back to Leon at any cost who has decided to go back to his parent’s place after having a fight with Tosiek, and following this, the search for Leon begins. Tosiek finally reunited with him and that’s the beautiful end to the story where she comes to terms with who he is.

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Fanfic Movie Review

Fanfic Movie Review

As we have mentioned, the movie has got quite a nice response from the fans out there and following that, the movie was made from a story, which means there were already many audiences waiting for this movie. The movie as we have mentioned highlights the actual problem of gender labeling and how society has constricted our thoughts from a very young age. The problems a person has to face when he or she comes out following the dilemma they go through before realizing the fact themselves.

Other than that, another important aspect of the movie is the love and the parental acceptance which has been highlighted as the relationship Tosiek had with Leon and then his own father respectively. Friends do help a lot in this situation, the characters are great and the story is also quite nice except for the fact that it is a bit complex. Everyone should surely give this movie a try.

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