Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Release Date: When Is The New Instalment In The Gory Redemption Anime Premiering?

The name of the anime is quite engrossing, isn’t it? Hell’s Paradise contains a storyline and characters that are equally alluring if not more. Directed by Kaori Makita, this dark fantasy thriller began premiering in April 2023. The episodes are scheduled for weekly releases on streaming giants Crunchyroll and Netflix. It is a Japanese adventure thriller that utilizes the most trending story arcs including the ninja trope and espionage elements.

Hell’s Paradise is Gabimaru’s journey towards the elixir for life. So far, our ninja protagonist has just begun his mission and it is way long before he conquers the said mission. Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 is another milestone in this 12-episode-long journey of Gabimaru! So, want to know when it is releasing? Here is the answer!

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Release Date

The first episode of the anime premiered on April 1, 2023, and introduced us to a dynamic ninja, Gabimaru and a levelheaded executioner, Sagiri. Hell’s Paradise is licensed by Crunchyroll for countries outside Japan for every other country except Mainland China, New Zealand and Australia. Audiences from these countries will have to stream the anime on Netflix every Saturday.

The release date for each episode has been made easy to discover because of the anime’s predictable release format. Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 will premiere on May 13, 2023, on Crunchyroll and Netflix in their acquired regions. This adventure fantasy will drop on your doorstep–or more like the doors of your favourite streaming host–soon!

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Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Expected Storyline

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Release Date

Adapted from the titular manga illustrated by Yuji Kaku, Hell’s Paradise follows an invincible ninja, Gabimaru. He is acclaimed to be the strongest ninja in the Iwagakure village. Despite having a body metaphorically made of steel, Gabimaru has a tender heart. He was separated from his parents at a very early age and transformed into a weapon by the village chief. A few decades later, Gabimaru marries Yui, the daughter of the village chief. He is utterly in love with Yui and wants to build a life away from violence and the village with her. When Gabimaru and Gui are about to escape, the village chief stages Gabimaru’s death.

He is abducted by a leading swordswoman, Sagiri, from the well-acclaimed family of executioners, Yamada Asaemon. She tries her best to destroy Gabimaru but in the end, Sagiri gives up and realizes Gabimaru is indeed invincible. Using her sharp wit, Sagiri proposes an irresistible offer for Gabimaru. According to her proposition, if Gabimaru acquires the magical potion called Elixir Of Life, he will be granted a peaceful life with his wife.

Of course, Gabimaru is eager to accept her offer and reunite with his wife. Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 will continue showcasing Gabimaru and Sagiri battling numerous people, monsters and hurdles to achieve the potion. The more they fight, the better for us!

Hell’s Paradise Cast And Character Guide

Manifested at the infamous Mappa Studio which has already brought some stellar animes like Attack On Titan, Hell’s Paradise has a vivid and extensive character and cast ensemble. Leading the anime is the invincible ninja, Gabimaru voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi in Japanese and Alejandro Saab in English. Gabimaru is notorious for his cynical and aloof personality, some even accuse him of being hollow hence the nickname Gabimaru The Hollow. What they fail to realize is this so-called hollow ninja is brimming with emotions.

The next protagonist is Sagiri voiced by Yumiri Hanamori and Marisa Duran. She is a talented swordwoman but her skills fall ridiculously short compared to Gabimaru. Other than him, Sagiri can pretty much hold herself against anyone. The other major character of the series is Yui, voiced by Mamiko Noto and Skyler McIntosh. She hasn’t been introduced properly but her personality is portrayed to be peace-loving and docile.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Hell’s Paradise Anime About?

It is a dark fantasy anime centred around an invincible ninja, Gabimaru and an executioner, Sagiri. They embark on a journey to acquire the Elixir Of Life against all odds.

2. Is The Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Cancelled?

No, it is not cancelled.

3. When Will Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Release?

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 will premiere on May 13, 2023.

4. Is The Hell’s Paradise Anime Worth Watching?

If you are into adventurous fantasy animes, Hell’s Paradise deserves a position on your watch list.

5. Is A Trailer Available For The Hell’s Paradise Episode 7?

No, there is no specific trailer available for the episode. There is a trailer available for the anime though.

6. Where To Watch The Hell’s Paradise Episode 7?

You can stream this anime on Crunchyroll and Netflix based on your location.

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