All Animes Releasing In May 2023: Here’s A Date Wise List!

Now if we look at how the year 2023 has been going for the anime community, it will be really amusing, because we have received some great content over the last few months. 2023 has overall been a very prosperous year for all the otakus out there, however, something that has been very astonishing is the number of animes that came out in the months of April and June. Yes, there is a long line of animes that people have been waiting for quite a long time. Now for all those who are going to venture into the anime world for the first time, yes you can go for some of the new animes which are going to release in the month of May or you can go back and check out the animes which have made great hits in the past previous months because one thing that we can say is that may be not the month for otakus.

There are only a handful of animes that have been not in talk for a long time, and the hype hasn’t been that real also for the animes coming out in May 2023. However, as we all know, there are thousands and thousands of otakus, who have to go on and start a new anime every month, like it’s a tradition for them, and don’t worry you all won’t be disappointed because we have brought you all a list of animes which will be coming out very soon. Not only have we listened to their names, but we have listed every detail so that you can select these animes and go for the one which interests you the most among the entire list.

1. Psycho Pass Providence

All Animes Releasing In May 2023

Now all the otakus who have been into the anime world for quite some time understand which name series this show is a sequel to. Yes, that is absolutely right, it’s the very famous series psycho pass which has brought us a new sequel and as we all know there have been many tv shows and anime from the psycho pass franchise, so the two shows psycho pass 3 which is the direct sequel of the anime series and then we have an animated movie which is a part of the trilogy which psycho pass brought to us some years back and that is psycho pass: sinners of the system.

Now all those wondering about what psycho pass is it’s basically a series where we follow special government agents from different departments such as the police special force and others, while they go on fighting criminals and injustice and handling especially r rated criminals, who bear a huge amount of risk to the whole of Japan. This time, we get to see the very famous character Akane in action when he ends up being involved in a case, where the very famous criminal organization Peace Breakers is after Dr. Stronskaya, who has found out the Stronskaya document, the misplacing of which will bring a huge amount of danger to Japan as well as the world.

This anime movie has been announced quite some months back and that is in 2022 and there has been a lot of hype regarding it, based on all updates and announcements it will be making it to us on the 12th of May 2023. The trailer of the anime is currently available online.

Where can we watch: the anime film will maybe make it to us in the theatres, or some streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix as well as amazon prime videos.

2. Gekijoban Collar x Malice Deep Cover (part 1)

Now with the mention of the fact that it is part 1, this already makes us very intimidated about the movie or the anime series, because then it is confirmed that there is going to be another season or part of the franchise, and that is absolutely true. We are going to get another release where the otakus out there will be having a lot of content to themselves to entertain them to their fullest. Now for all those who are into games, yes you have been finding this name very relatable and that is absolutely fine because this anime series is actually adapted from a game of the same nature, and the premise on which the game worked previously will also be the setting of this film. This game was available in Nintendo Switch as well, which just proves how popular of a game this is.

Following all this, those who have been wondering what this movie is going to be all about, the setting is of a lady police officer, whose name is Ichika, who is currently stationed in Tokyo. Now on a certain day, there has been a terrorist attack by the terrorist group named, Adonis, and they end up targeting Ichika along with many other people and put on a poison collar. Though Ichika doesn’t die, there are many other murders and deaths because of this incident and the case becomes something of national importance. This day is known as X Day in Japan and now Ichika is being forced to investigate into the case along with some other fellow police officers.

The release date of the first part of the movie is 26th May 2023 and the second movie will be coming out in June months of 2023. Other than that, the movie had been announced quite a long time back that is in 2019 and finally, it is going to make it to us.

Where to watch: the movie will be most probably available in the theatres for now as no other partnership with streaming platforms has been announced.

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3. Genkijoban Idolish7 Live 4bit Beyond The Period

Yes as you have already known the idol culture in Japan has been very popular over the years and that is mainly in the high schools. Now if you have been in the anime world for quite some time now, you will be very familiar with many other animes who have been concentrating on the theme of idols and their club for the main theme of the show. That though wonderful, falls under the slice-of-life genre and is one of the, most loved genres available out there. From the name only we have been able to understand what the show is going to be about; we have got some idols or as we may a group of idols and their manager who has got no experience in managing such idols or celebrities as we may say.

Now another interesting fact about this anime series is that it has been adapted from a game that shares the same title as the anime. The decision of adapting the game into an anime had taken quite a long time back and when we look at the game, the player would take up the role of the manager, and that is just amazing while the manager who has got no experience has to deal with the various responsibilities of managing a group of idols. The movie adaptation that we are going to receive is quite comedic as well as quite dramatic in nature. Following that there are going to be other sequels of the show as well if the movie becomes a super hit.

For all those wondering since when the movie has been in the plan, it happened back in the year 2022 when the project bag was in full phase, and now we are finally going to receive the first movie on the 20th of May 2023.

Where to watch: the movie just like all other movies, will be available in the theatres most probably, however, there are some other plans such as a streaming platform available that will be available online very soon.

4. The Feast Of Amrita

Do all of you remember the movie that came out back in 2018 which is very well-known as The Aragne Sign Of The Vermillion? If you don’t you guys will have to watch that movie first because without that you won’t even be able to understand what this entire movie is going to be about. However, before that, we need to ask you all a few questions. Do you like the horror genre? Is it up to the level that you are fascinated by it, or are you just scared but intimidated about it? If you are one of those people who are just fascinated by the number of horrifying scenes in an anime, then this anime is just meant for you. However, if you are a scaredy cat and are actually not very much into horror animes of any sort, don’t go for this anime anyhow.

Now first we are going to tell about what the first anime is all about, it’s basically the story of a girl, who has got an apartment complex, in the old shady apartment that she leaves which is most probably cursed of some sort. Other than that, the thriller part of the anime includes a series of murders that have happened all over the city and have messed up the entire situation, whereas this girl ends up suddenly seeing worms and moths flying out or bursting from the inside of animals, humans, and beetles. Now this entire scene somehow connects to the murders that have been happening across the city. The mystery unravels slowly through this anime. The Feast of Amrita is basically the same name, but it has been refined, well-written, and much more well-animated than the previous series.

This time the horror and the thriller aspects of the anime will supposedly intensify and that is where the fans are supposed to get hooked on to the movie. The anime will be released on the 26th of May just like the previous anime on the list and for those who are wondering the original anime made it to us in the year 2018.

Where to watch: this anime movie, will be available in the theatres according to our reports, if it becomes available on any other streaming platforms, that will also be announced by the makers.

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5. Ultraman Season 3

The name sounds like some superhero anime series, and yes this anime series also belongs to the Shonen group, and no worries you don’t have anywhere scared or anything about this anime because there is not going to be anything that will not let you sleep at night. Many of the manga readers out here, and all those people who have been big fans of one punch man, are you ready for watching another superhero anime series then finally we have got Ultraman for you. Now many of you may have heard of this anime series or particularly the manga series because it has been very famous and has got a huge fan base all over the world. Other than that the anime series has been very appealing to the fan for the last two seasons.

Now come on we are already talking about the third season of the show, and that suggests that the show has got a huge fan base and people all over the world do appreciate this anime series the ratings of the show are quite high and since the second season of the show being very short with only 6 episodes compared to the first season having a total of 9 episodes, there has been quite a lot of hype regarding it. The third season of the show will be a continuation of the same storyline which we have seen in the previous season of the show. The show follows the incident of Ultraman, who is basically the giant of light, and he has been away fighting aliens for a long time, but finally, he has returned and now his role is being taken over by his son, as he continues his fathers legacy of protecting humans and the world and beating around aliens.

The show is all ready to make its release on the 11th of May 2023. The third season of the show is also expected to have about 6-9 episodes just like the previous season of the show.

Where to watch: the show will be available for streaming on the Netflix platform just like the previous season of the show.

6. Yakitori: Soldiers Of Misfortune

Netflix has always been the one, to redefine things, and with its own production studios, Netflix has got its hands spread in almost all genres, that are practically available. However somewhere, they were not very much appreciated by normal people, and that was the anime sector. When the Netflix platform started producing its own animes there was a lot of chaos and criticism regarding that, but as time passed, people also started getting used to it. One of the main factors that made people anime by Netflix was the animation quality which ended up killing the actual feel of the animes however with time, Netflix has been growing and they have also adjusted to its audience, and recently they have been producing some well-known animes, and they have been doing absolute justice to them as well. now finally we are here to talk about one of such animes, which has been very much appreciated and hyped up for a long time.

Now this anime series has been adapted from a manga series that shares the same name as the anime, and as you already know from the name of the anime, it is a shonen anime. The story is actually quite gripping as it covers the story which is set in the future, where a rebellious boy, who has been targeted for standing against the government, joins a special interplanetary military force called yakitora, to protect the planet and prevails justice. However, there are other hooks and nooks to the anime series. The main thing that we need to concentrate on now, is the fact that Yakitora, the military force has got a casualty rate of 70% which is crazy and these new kids need to survive that anyhow.

The anime will be making it to us on the 18th of May 2023. The number of episodes that will be in the first season is still not confirmed but there is a chance of having about 10-15 episodes.

Where to watch: this anime series is a Netflix original and that’s why it will be available only on the Netflix platform.

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7. Stand My Heroes: The Warmth Of Memories

Now many of you may be wondering why we received this anime a long time back, whether we are going to receive a second season of this anime or something like that. The answer is maybe not a second season, but we are going to get something that is commonly known as Ova. Now all otakus, out here are quite known by the term ova. Yes finally after a long time, the anime makers have decided to revive the entire essence of that anime and give the huge fan base of this anime series and Ova movie, which will bring back the entire story, the same characters, and some part of the show which was not a part of the main story on which the anime is based on, however, it will be interesting and will be showing different sides of the characters or different sides of the story which we have not seen. Yes, if you have already watched the show and loved it, you cannot in any way miss the OVA version of this show.

Now for all those wondering about what this anime series is all about, you will first need to watch the original anime series which came out back in the year 2019 and was quite popular and successful as well. Following that another interesting thing about this show is the fact that it is actually adapted from a mobile game that has the same title as the show. The mobile game was also quite popular and that was one of the main reasons behind the show. The anime is mainly about the increasing use of drugs all over Japan, and which has been a various serious issue for the police force and the government. Now that is why they have created a new force called the STAND which will deal with this issue and has got Rei in it, who is a police force member, however, she has special immunity to almost all kinds of drugs available out there.

The Ova version of the series will be coming out on the 24th of May 2023.

Where to watch: this ova series will be available online on many anime streaming sites such as Crunchyroll and others.

8. Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise Shido Hen

The last anime that is going to come out in the month of May is the Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise series. Yes again you will be thinking that this series has already been out many years ago, but no that’s not the thing. Here we are going to get another Ova series. Now don’t get disappointed because of the fact that it is an Ova. The Ova series is also good because it gives us an insight into the other sections of the story that exists. The different characters whom we have fallen in love with for the last couple of seasons, we get to see more about them in the Ova series,

The story which we get to see in the Tenchi Muyo anime is basically a science fiction story and belongs to the specific fantasy anime genre. It has got quite a grippy storyline and the main character is something we need to keep an eye on. The main story revolves around a Seina Yamada, who is a school student and ends up somehow enrolling in the Galaxy police forces. He is approached by a sinking spacecraft and is given a form which he ends up filling and soon he transports to a spacecraft which is a part of the forces. Now the story gets more and more tricky as the boy has to deal with his own self and stay away from his family, but at the same time risk his life while fighting the veils of the galaxy.

The Ova series will be based on other adventures and side stories of the same anime, and it will be coming out on the 26th of May 2023.

Where to watch: this ova series will be available for streaming on many anime streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and others.

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