De Brutas, Nada Season 4 Release Date: Has Sony Approved The Fourth Instalment Of This Dramedy?

It seems like dramedies are becoming increasingly favourite and I am not surprised at all considering how much I enjoy bingeing this genre. While thrill and suspense are leading genres–for me, too and everyone out there–who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Especially when the said comedy is as hilarious as De Brutas, Nada. It is a Mexican dramedy that has been entertaining the fans for over three years and three seasons now. With over 30 stellar episodes to its name, De Brutas, Nada has stuck by quite a long and entertained fans immensely.

This is the reason it does not come off as a surprise that fans are looking for updates on De Brutas, Nada Season 4 given that the previous seasons have proved to be delightful dramas. Aren’t you excited to know more about this hilarious comedy drama? Let us get on with it then!

De Brutas, Nada Season 4 Release Date

De Brutas, Nada Season 4

Los Caballeros Ias Prefieren Brutas’ novel by Isabella Santodomingo has been a source of inspiration to multiple dramedies including the iconic 2010 dramedy of the same name. Directed by Rolando Ocampo and María Gamboa, De Brutas, Nada is an Amazon Prime Video original comedy-drama. It is developed by Sony Entertainment and received three consecutive approvals from the organization in three back-to-back years.

The third season premiered in January 2023. So far, neither Amazon nor Sony has opened up regarding De Brutas, Nada Season 4. The makers are quiet as well and there isn’t much information available regarding the production status either. Given the declining popularity of the series, the makers might be testing the waters before they come up with any confirmation. The fans will have to wait a bit longer for that to happen!

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Is De Brutas, Nada Season 4 Possible?

While Santodomingo’s novel is quite an exceptional work, its cinematic adaptations always fall victim to criticism. De Brutas, Nada, like Los Caballeros Ias Prefieren Brutas series, stands at the same point where its popularity is declining majorly. The criticism is high and not many saving graces for the series. Standing at 30 episodes, De Brutas, Nada has come quite far and the storytelling has improved gradually. Moreover, the storyline has improved over time.

Considering the progress this Prime Video original has made so far, it would be unfair to rule out the possibility before the makers strike it down. The makers could come up with something more and make this series a bit more interesting than it has been so far. If the creators decide to give De Brutas, Nada Season 4 a chance, it wouldn’t be a shock but a surprise for fans. However, I would have to remind you again these are just speculations and studies, not confirmations.

De Brutas, Nada Review: An Extended Tale Of Chaos And Comedy

De Brutas, Nada Season 4

It all began with Christina Oviedo being dumped by her boyfriend near their wedding. In desperate need of someone to take the load and help with the rent, Christina finds a new roommate, Alejandro. The only issue is Christina has sworn off men and Alejandro is desperate for a place. He decides to pretend he is gay but then, emotions ruin everything and the duo falls in love.

This is just the surface of the story, De Brutas, Nada has a lot of stuff packed in. It has over 8 main characters who all possess strong personalities and has hilarious story to tell. Sadly, their story is not always hilarious but borderline amusing and extensively dragged. There is a lot of chaos packed in this Mexican drama that I don’t necessarily enjoy in a dramedy. The makers have balanced the characters well and have let each of them grow with the franchise. As for the final verdict, De Brutas, Nada is a dragged tale with nothing notable happening in the series, just endless chaos. It stands at 5 on 10 for me.

De Brutas, Nada Season 4: FAQs

1. What Is The De Brutas, Nada Series About?

It is a Mexican dramedy that deals with the struggle of finding and staying in love. It is all about managing relationships in a funnier, less serious manner.

2. Is De Brutas, Nada Season 4 Approved?

No, it is not approved yet.

3. When Will De Brutas, Nada Season 4 Premiere?

The series isn’t approved for a fourth season yet. If De Brutas, Nada Season 4 gets approval, it is likely to premiere in mid-2024.

4. Is The De Brutas, Nada Series Worth Watching?

If you are into Mexican dramedies and can enjoy multiple story arcs and fast-paced shows, you can try giving De Brutas, Nada a chance.

5. Is A Trailer Available For De Brutas, Nada Season 4?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch De Brutas, Nada?

You can watch this dramedy on Amazon Prime Video!

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