Is Dead Ringers Series Based On A True Story? The Actual Story Is Way Worse!

We just finished bingeing on Dead Ringers and what a first season it was! We still couldn’t get over the complicated relationship between Elliot and her baby sister, Beverly. All the twists and turns incorporated into Dead Ringers Season 1 surely satisfied us a lot, but hey there, do you know where this series originated from? Do you know the main backstory behind Dead Ringers Season 1? You already read the title above and guess what, this type of uncommon story actually existed for real! The mysterious drama series surely made us spellbound, it just couldn’t be any better than this. We have already penned the review for Dead Ringers Season 1 and it’s time to learn more about the drama series. 

Is Dead Ringers Based On A True Story?

Is "Dead Ringers" Based On A True Story?

The rumors are indeed true to every word. The recently launched drama series mainly revolves around the plot of the 1988 movie. The exact storyline has been held forward with a twist of modern and advanced technology and science experiments. Well, before citing the main point of difference between the movie and the series, let us answer the most asked question out there. 

Coming to the answer you all have been waiting for, well “Yes”, Dead Ringers Season 1 is based on a true story. According to the information gathered by us, the original movie is based on a book that centers around a true story and this explains all the rumors out there. Long back in the 90s, there used to be a twin named, Stewart and Cyril Marcus! Both were involved in medical profession and were reputed gynecologists! 

But unlike the series or the movie, this pair of identical twins didn’t have any form of sexual attraction toward their patients! Moreover, they were quite renowned in their hospital and were mostly caught up with different forms of medical experiments. As for similarities, we can say that just like Beverly and Elliot, the twin boys, Stewart and Cyril were also very close to one another. Moreover, they too did look alike but shared different personality traits. 

Also, we cannot overlook the demise of the Marcus brothers. Just like the movie or the series, these two were also involved in drug abuse. Sources revealed that this was the main reason which brought their career down. Their medical dreams were jeopardized when the truth came out to the whole world. Stewart was the first one who died of a drug overdose. Initially, Cyril did try to live without his brother, but he clearly couldn’t handle the trauma well. 

After a few days, Cyril’s body was discovered in their deserted apartment. Whether it’s the real story or the movie or the series, all try to focus on the fact that how connected twins can be. The intense connections which we saw between the twin girls truly touched our hearts. This whole story of the Marcus brothers has been penned in a fictionalized novel series named Twins. The book has been penned by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland and is still seen among the best thriller novels out there.

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Has The Series Dead Ringers Diverted From The Original Plot Of The 1988 Movie?

Is "Dead Ringers" Based On A True Story?

In the 1988 movie, we saw the story of twin brothers, while the latest drama series revolves around twin sisters! Again, the homosexual angle was not present in the 1988 movie, but we saw the same in the series. The character names have been kept intact just the gender has changed. Apart from these few modifications, there isn’t much difference between the movie and the series. All in all, we can state that whether it was the movie or the series, the complicated story of Dead Ringers never failed to entertain us. 

Moreover, the series tried to emphasize the fact that twins are generally very close to one another, especially identical twins. Again, since they look alike, they are also meant to be mischievous at times. Moreover, many say that the series presented a better version of the original novel. But again, we cannot overlook the fact that even in the novel, we saw the story of twin brothers, not sisters! Well, if we only talk about the emotional context of the story and ignore the gender variance, then we do think that the series can be preferred over the movie.

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