Mismatched Season 3 Release Date: Will The Couple Return Again?

Mismatched season 2 was released on Netflix on October 14, 2022. The series is adapted from a novel- When Dimple met Rishi written by Sandhya Menon. The series is produced by Ronnie Screwvala and is directed by Akarsh Khurana and Nipun Dharmadhikari. The fans were eagerly waiting for the sequel after the way they ended their first season. The show left the audience hanging at the end of season 1. Huge hype was created among the fans to know the story of the next season.

The audience had huge expectations for the second season. The cast and music got a positive response from the viewers but the script and the direction were criticized as the viewers knew that the potential of the cast was way better than what they showed us. Mismatched season 1 had a total of 6 episodes with a running time of 35 minutes per episode. Mismatched season 2 has a total of 8 episodes with a running time of 36-42 minutes per episode.

Season 2 of Mismatched dealt with many problems that each one of the characters faced in their personal lives. Mental health was given much more importance in this season. The importance of self-acceptance was shown in this series. The audience would have loved to watch more of Harsh’s screen presence. The bond that Harsh and Dimple shared was delightful to watch. The makers should also have given a little more importance to Zeenat and Professor Siddharth’s story. The character development of Anmol is something the audience was looking forward to which happened in this season. The main question in the minds of all the viewers after watching season 1 was- Who leaked the codes of AntiSosh? This question was answered in this season, and the answer was not expected by many of the viewers. Many thought that Harsh was the one who leaked the codes, and some also blamed Anmol.

The series had got an average rating of 5.5 on IMDb with 79% of people liking the show. Season 2 failed to reach the expectations of the audience. In the process of giving importance to all the mental issues everyone is facing, the story was side-lined. They should have focused more on the story, which would have kept the audience bit more engaged. It is still a good show to binge-watch on a weekend. Here’s what we know about Mismatched Season 3 Release Date and yes we do have a good news for you.

Mismatched Season 3 Release Date

Mismatched Season 3 Release Date

Before the release of season 3, the makers might share a video announcing the start of filming as they did for season 2. This video might get released in 6 months. The next season of Mismatched might have 7-10 episodes.

Name of the ShowMismatched
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreRom-Com, Drama
Mismatched Season 1 Release Date20 November 2022
Mismatched Season 3 Release DateRenewed

Season 1 of Mismatched was released on November 20, 2022, on Netflix with a total of 6 episodes. Season 2 released on October 14, 2022, at 12.30 pm with a total of 8 episodes.

Now, coming to the good news, Netflix has just announced the renewal for season 3. While sharing a video on its social media platforms, Netflix renewed plenty of series for the season which includes Mismatched and Indian Matchmaking as well. Though no release date for the show has been mentioned right now, we are glad they renewed such a popular show.

When Netflix released the video, it was about all the third seasons coming our way (Indian version) and Mismatched made the list too. So, we are not very far away from hearing the release date as well. Even the main cast of the show posted it on their social media that Mismatched is finally coming with a season 3.

Will There Ever Be Mismatched Season 3?

There are mostly two reasons that directors think of while renewing any kind of show. The same is with the mismatched third season. Let’s look at the two most important reason which will decide the future of the series.

The first would be the fan base of this show Director mostly look at the fan base of the show and decide whether they want to renew a show or not. But in the case of mismatched, everything looks positive as it received a huge amount of fan following all over the world.

The second will be the plotline of the next predicted season. It is very necessary that directors look into what they will bring on to the next season so that the audience is still hooked on it. If we talk about mismatched, and therefore its renewed!

Mismatched Season 3 Story

The story of Mismatched season 3 will be the continuation of season 2. Season 2 ended with Rishi posing for the photograph with Nandini Nahata and Dimple standing far. Dimple’s dream to get admission to NIIT has just shattered. It will be good if they show some character development in both Rishi and Dimple. The last fight between them was very uncalled for. Every Dimple and Rishi fan was sorely disappointed with the way they portrayed both of them at this season’s end.

Namrata’s life after she went to Delhi might be seen in the next season. It will be seen whether Rishi and Dimple can handle their relationship with Rishi going to NIIT and Dimple trying to figure out what to do in her career. Anmol and Vinnie’s relationship might be seen. The audience might get to see more of Professor Siddharth and Zeenat’s love story. Rather than being self-conscious, Simran might start to accept herself the way she is.

Mismatched is a young adult romance and comedy series. Dimple and Rishi who started on the wrong foot get to know each other and finally, both fall in love. Due to some misunderstandings, they both part ways and in anger and sorrow, Dimple ends up kissing Harsh. She regrets it the next morning. Harsh handles the situation well and calms her down. She starts to date Harsh and at the same time, Rishi starts to date Sanskruti. Namrata finds love in Ayesha. Celina thinks she is bisexual and is in love with Namrata and she also finally accepts that she is a delivery girl in front of all her hostel mates. Harsh finds out that he is in love with Dimple and plans to not join Berklee University where he had already paid the full fees. He asks Dimple to decide whether he should stay or not after professing his love to her.

 Further, in the marriage of Rishi’s mother both Rishi and Dimple came to know that they met each other 8 years back in the same hall and it is because of Dimple that Rishi is so fond of animations and it is because of Rishi that Dimple loves Shrikhand. While Dimple terms it as a mere coincidence, Rishi is sure that it is their fate and that they are meant to be together. Dimple knows that Celina had leaked the codes of AntiSosh and is heartbroken when Rishi consoles her. Seeing Rishi and Dimple hugging, Harsh gets his answer and he decides to join the university.

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Dimple apologizes to Harsh and also bids him farewell. Krish and Simran break up as Krish cheats on her and blames her to be self-conscious. Anmol takes therapy after Professor Siddharth forces him to do so. At the start, he is reluctant to say anything but later on, finds out that the anger that is stored in him is for his past self. Slowly, drastic character development is seen in Anmol. Namrata’s parents on finding out she is a lesbian lock her in her room which results in her eloping to Delhi to be with Ayesha. Celina helps her to elope.

Nandini Nahata comes to the college to interview all the students, and Rishi and Dimple are late for the interview. They convince her to take their interview. Rishi’s interview was good but Dimple’s interview went badly. Rishi and Dimple fight and they break up. At the farewell party, Siddharth convinces Nandini to include Dimple’s name in the student list selected for NIIT as she is one of the best. Siddharth also talks to Dimple and tells her about him and Nandini. They both were also in love once, but she chose her career and moved forward while he chose to stay back.

He asks her, “Why do you think you have to choose between love and career? Why can’t we choose both?” and asks her to choose both or regret that later. Namrata tells Rishi to come out of his ideas of a perfect Bollywood romance and to patch things up with Dimple. They both decide to give their love another chance and hug. Nandini comes and starts to announce the selected students. Anmol, Celine, Krish, and Rishi were selected. Nandini saw Zeenat and Siddharth’s bond and decided not to take Dimple’s name. The selected students are called to click a photograph with Nandini Nahata. Rishi is reluctant to go, but Dimple forces him to go. Rishi knew how much this seat meant to Dimple as this is her childhood dream. Dimple’s dream was shattered. The series ends with both Rishi and Dimple crying.

Is Mismatched Season 2 Based On A Book?

Yes, it is based on a book, When Dimple Met Rishi. Did you know about the earlier? In the first season, we had seen an incomplete love story of Dimple and Rishi. But in season 2 the makers turn the story so that they both can meet and it happened. We cannot say that season 3 will not be coming, it can come as season 2 has an open ending. So, now we have to wait for the official renewal.

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Mismatched Season 3 Cast

Mismatched Season 3 Release Date

The main cast of Mismatched season 3 will be the same as that of seasons 1 and 2. They might add some more characters as per the requirements of the script.

The cast of Mismatched includes Prajakta Koli as Dimple Ahuja, Rohit Saraf as Rishi Singh Shekhawat, Rannvijay Singha as Professor Siddharth Sinha, Vihaan Samat as Harsh Agarwal, Vidya Malvade as Zeenat Karim, Devyani Shorey as Namrata Bidasaria, Muskkaan Jaferi as Celina Matthews, Taaruk Raina as Anmol Malhotra, Vaibhav Palhade as Samar, Nidhi Singh as Warden, Trishna Singh as Shahana, Suhasini Mulay as Rishi’s Grandmother, Abhinav Sharma as Krish Katyal, Kritika Bharadwaj as Simran Malhotra, Sanjana Sarathy as Sanskruti, Priya Banerjee as Ayesha, Ahsaas Channa as Vinnie.

Mismatched Season 3 Trailer

The trailer of Mismatched season 3 hasn’t been released yet. No official confirmations regarding the making of season 3 have been made yet. If there is a season 3, the trailer might release 3 or 4 weeks before the release date of the series.

Where To Watch Mismatched Season 3 Online?

Mismatched season 3 hasn’t been released yet, so you can’t watch it now.

The other seasons of Mismatched premiered on Netflix. When season 3 of Mismatched gets released, you can watch the same on Netflix.

mismatched ratings and reviews

This romantic comedy-drama series was one of the most talked about series among youngsters. With a young plotline with the cast struggling in their lives for careers and handling situations. Mismatched has been rated 5.8 out of 10 on IMDb. The reviews are favorable as well. Many of the fans’ found season 1 better than season 2 but the overall performance of Mismatched was pretty impressive.

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Mismatched: FAQs

1. Is the third installment for Mismatched confirmed?

No, season 3 of this romantic comedy-drama is yet to receive an official announcement.

2. Who are the main cast members of Mismatched?

The main cast members are Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf.

3. Is there any trailer concerning Mismatched season 3?

Since there is no renewal, we cannot have any trailers at this moment.

4. Is Mismatched available on other OTT platforms other than Netflix?

Presently, it is only available on Netflix.

5. Is Mismatched worth watching?

This series is a decent watch, especially for the young audience and you can watch it without any hesitation.

6. Will the same story continue in Mismatched season 3?

Most probably, yes. The story might continue in the next season as well.

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