86 Season 3 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

The science fiction anime genre, as usual, has been a great hit among the otakus over the last decade, and when we look at the amount of work the anime community has given to us in this particular genre, it can be considered as one of the rising pillars for the anime community.

In the last list of wonderfully written and animated anime, lies the age of eighty-six, which many of you may have heard because of its very successful anime series, followed by the novel series which also gained massive recognition from fans all over the world.

For those who don’t know much about the series it is basically set in a different universe, where exists the republic San magnolia is actually at war with its neighboring empire, and the war has been going on for years.

The series mainly concentrates on the mechanized legions opposing a group, of juggernauts who are humanly controlled by a group of people who fall under the name of 86 and work for the republic. Now the story mainly continues on how the 86 works and how the complexities faced by these groups are dealt with by them.

Moving on to the main topic of the series which is related to the third season of the show. Now we have received a total of 2 seasons as of now, which indicates that the anime is more or less successful, and when we look at the ratings of the show, we can consider it to be one of the best shows belonging to the science fiction genre currently.

However, there has been no information regarding the third season of the show for a long time and fans have been left devastated since then. Though we haven’t received any confirmation for the third season of the show still now, according to our sources there have been certain movements.

86 Season 3 Release Date

86 Season 3 Release Date

Now as we have already mentioned the third season of the show hasn’t shown a green flag still, however, based on our source there are actually chances that the green flag will soon be shown this year and then things will change and finally, the long-running wait will come to an end.

The first season of the show made it to us on the 10th of April 2021 and a total of 12 episodes came to an end in June months of 2021. Following that immediately the second season of the show was announced and we receive it in the October months of 2021 and again with a total of 12 episodes the second season came to an end in the march months of 2022.

Now since there has been a long dry spell, and even if the third season of the show is confirmed by this year, based on how much time the series should take, it will no way be delivered to us before the start or mid-2024. However, for more confirmed updates regarding the third season, we will have to wait a little longer.

Name Of The Show86
Season NumberSeason 3
86 Season 1 Release Date11 April 2021
86 Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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86 Season 3 Story

Now for the story of the third season of the show, we haven’t received many storylines, or hints regarding it, as the show itself hasn’t been canceled and almost all of us here are waiting for the trailer of the third season.

However, the same story which we have seen for the past two seasons which includes the chaos and the continuous war situation that exists between both the kingdoms will prevail and along with that, the squad of 86 will again be the center of attraction for the show.

86 Season 3 Characters

86 Season 3 Release Date

For the characters of the third season of the show, no new character’s introduction has been seen in the manga series as of now, and mostly all the previous season’s characters will be present there. We will obviously get to see, Emma, Shinei, Kurena, and many other characters who have been a big part of the story as of now.

86 Season 3 Trailer

Now as the third season of the show hasn’t been confirmed as of now, we also haven’t received a trailer for it yet. However, the trailer for the original anime series is available on the YouTube platform.

Where Can We Watch 86 Seasons 3?

The third season of the show will be available just like the previous season of the show the VRV, as well as the Crunchyroll platform, for streaming.


The show has 8.2 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a third season of 86?

Though nothing has been confirmed, there still remains some chances for the third season of the show.

2.How many seasons does 86 have?

As of now the show has a total of 2 seasons.

3.Is the 86 cancelled?

No the show hasn’t been cancelled as of now.

4.Is the 86 adapted from some manga?

No the show is actually not adapted from any manga.

5.How many episodes have been there in 86?

There are a total of 24 episodes in the entire show.

6.How many episodes will be there in the third season of 86?

Based on our prediction the third season will have 12 episodes.

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