Ja Morant Girlfriend: Is the Basketball Rising Star Committed?

The rising basketball star, Ja Morant, is the most trending sports personality these days. He is known for his sportsmanship and optimistic attitude, along with his natural basketball instincts. He rose to fame recently and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. He is the youngest NBA player as of 2022, but his talent has made him the most popular basketball player.

With his young age and unique skills, his life is constantly under inspection. Despite his private nature, Morant’s active dating life has continued to make headlines. Is he committed, or the young star is still single?

Ja Morant Girlfriend

Ja Morant Girlfriend

It seems like Morant is currently single, and he has confirmed that he is not interested in dating anyone after his recent breakup. In an Instagram Story, he clearly stated that he is chilling single right now. Though that was intended to put a halt to the rumors, it failed to do so.

When you are a celebrity, every post you like ignites a never-ending rumor trail. Morant was linked to Abigail Russo, who is an influencer after he liked several of her posts. Since this incident happened after his breakup, the fans were looking forward to seeing Morant with Russo. But he denied the rumors and emphasized how much he was enjoying being single.

After Russo, Morant was rumored to date Johanna Leia, who is the mother of Amar Bailey, another high school basketball star who will soon start his professional journey. Morant started liking Johanna’s Instagram posts and followed her while Johanna came to his games to support him. Though they were not seen together, the critics put two and two together and started questioning their relationship. Due to the two-decade age gap between Morant and Johanna, they were criticized by almost everyone. It took Morant denying this rumor to stop the criticism and put Johanna out of the limelight.

It seems like Morant is linked to everyone he follows or likes the posts of, but he is adamant about staying single after his breakup with Kadre Dixon. The young star doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone as of 2022.

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Ja Morant’s Family Life

Ja Morant Kid

Temetrius Jamel Morant has been born into a family that lives basketball. His father, Tee Morant, has always aspired to become an NBA player, but luck wasn’t on his side, and he had to give up on his dreams just after playing an international match. When he learned that he was expecting a child, he picked up a job as a barber and decided to focus on his family. He trained Ja Morant in his earlier years and pushed him to become the best version of himself and pick basketball as a profession.

Ja Morant’s mother, Jamie Morant, was also a basketball player in high school. Together, Jaime and Tee helped Ja Morant reach the basketball world and conquer it. Teniya Morant, the younger sister of Ja Morant, is on her way to follow in her brother’s footsteps and continue the family’s basketball legacy.

Ja Morant’s Career

Morant has played basketball since his childhood, but he became a professional player in 2019. He started his NBA journey with the Memphis Grizzlies and achieved the title of NBA Rookie of the Year in the same year. His title earned him a glamorous reputation and a large fan base.

In the three years, he has played so far, he has established quite a reputation for himself. He is one of those few players who have a documentary to his name and has earned a shoutout from the infamous J. Cole in his song “My Life.” Morant has become an inspiration for many upcoming players and is striving each day to become a better version of himself.

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Ja Morant’s Dating Life

Morant is known to have had only one relationship so far. His ex-girlfriend, Kadre Dixon, is known to be the closest person to him. The duo shares a cute toddler, Kaari Jaidyn Morant, who was born on August 7, 2019. They call her a little soldier because she came out two months earlier, and both Kadre and Morant were quite worried because of it. Despite their break-up, Kadre and Morant have decided to be civil to each other and let each of them spend equal time with Kaari.

Morant had kept his relationship with Kadre low-key, and their breakup was equally private. They didn’t share any details about their break-up but mentioned that they no longer wanted to date each other. Ever since his break-up with Kadre, Morant is known to be single.

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