Sanrio Danshi Season 2 Release Date Is Still Not Announced!

In November 2015, Sanrio launched the Japanese media property known as Sanrio Boys. The Sanrio Boys were envisioned as a social media campaign to advertise products for Sanrio’s most popular characters. Its success led to the creation of its own clothing line, manga series, character drama CDs, a 2016 mobile game for iOS and Android, and anime television series by Pierrot that ran from January 6 to March 24, 2018.

In order to market products for its most popular characters on social media, Sanrio developed The Sanrio Boys in November 2015. This tactic has been likened to Twitter accounts managed by characters from Uta no Prince-Sama. Five characters made up The Sanrio Boys at first, but that number has now increased to seven. Because of how well-liked they were, the characters started having their own line of items in June 2016.

Two manga adaptations of Sanrio Boys were created by Mai Ando, who also provided the illustrations. The manga series ran concurrently. Beginning in April 2016, the manga Sanrio Danshi: Oretachi, Seishun, and Hajimemashita, which depicts the life of the Sanrio Boys, was made available on the smartphone app Manga One. A Sanrio Boy is romantically linked with a female in the manga series Sanrio Danshi: Oretachi, Koi, Hajimemashita, which began serialization in the magazine Sho-Comi in its June 2016 issue. Both were collected into volume form and distributed by Shogakukan’s Flower Comics brand under the name Sanrio Boys.

Sanrio Danshi: Watashi, Koi wo, Shirimashita is a visual novel-style dating sim game that was launched for Android and iOS on September 13, 2016. The Sanrio Boys’ voice actors sing “Fun! Fantastic Girl,” the theme song, which was created by Elements Garden. Over 100,000 people downloaded the game in its first six days of availability.

Sanrio Danshi Season 2 Release Date

Sanrio Danshi Season 2 Release Date

Fans have been impatiently awaiting Sanrio Boys Season 2 for the past two years. They haven’t learned anything regarding the second season of the anime’s release date, though.

The anime’s first season was a tremendous hit with fans who found it to be peaceful and entertaining. As a result, they desire to watch more. Will there be a sequel to the well-known anime? Here, the most recent information is offered.

The Sanrio Boys anime series, or Sanrio Danshi in Japanese, is a slice-of-life drama. It is an adaptation of the same-named slice-of-life manga by Mai Ando. The manga was adapted into a television series by Studio Pierrot in 2018, with the first episode airing on January 6. Before ending on March 24 of the same year, it had broadcast a total of twelve episodes.

Name Of The ShowSanrio Danshi
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreSlice Of Life
Sanrio Danshi Season 1 Release DateJanuary 6, 2018
Sanrio Danshi Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Sanrio Danshi Season 2 Update

Fans have been looking for the sequel’s location since the first season came to an end. They haven’t yet discovered it, though, as the show’s makers have remained mum over its future. Neither the production firm nor the person who created the manga has made any announcements about Sanrio Boys Season 2.

The effect is that after a two-year delay, the public is impatient. They’ve started questioning the program’s producers directly about the future of the show, which hasn’t been revealed.

The Sanrio Boys franchise includes anime, manga, and video games. The renowned manga series’ creator, Mai Ando, is still working on it. In 2016, the manga’s first volume was released. Since then, the author has published a total of five volumes. Two years ago, the series’ most recent novel was published.

More than three volumes of the content from these five books were covered in the first season of the anime. Because of this, Studio Pierrot is unable to produce the second season of Sanrio Boys. However, they will have enough content once the manga has been published a few times.

Sanrio Danshi Season 2 Story

Sanrio Danshi Season 2 Release Date

Hasegawa Kouta, a 17-year-old high school student, has a favourite mascot. It’s the plush dog PomPomPurin made by Sanrio. He makes every effort to keep his hobby a secret from the rest of his school since he is ashamed of it.

A fan of another “Sanrio” character, Rabbit May Mélodi, named Yu Mizuno, however, has a different fate in mind for the young boy. As time goes on, Kota meets a few more people who also enjoy “Sanrio” products, and eventually, the entire group has grown into a sizable business that is attempting to overcome its guilt over its love of plush.

Reviewers were largely impressed when the first episode was released. It accurately captured all of the Boys’ Love subgenre’s clichés, yet it did it in a way that was both sincere and original.

It was simple to relate to Kouta’s situation, especially if you’ve ever had to hide an interest or activity since it doesn’t conform to socially accepted gender norms. Thanks to some well-timed humour and a dash of witty banter, the first part of the event were more than simply a quick pitch for Sanrio-branded items.

Reviewers of the event weren’t pleased with the second half of the program, which turned out to be little more than a glorified Sanrio commercial. Reviewers blasted the show as a consequence, but it was nonetheless well-liked by spectators who were able to see it through until the end of 2018 in the form of a stage play called MiracleStage Sanrio Boys. The @Sdan Sanrio Twitter account is still used to advertise Sanrio Boys items.

Sanrio Boys were a success despite not being as well-liked as Sanrio’s other mascots. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting fact about the company’s background. This is the perfect example of how Sanrio continuously reinvents itself to keep its brand current and appealing to new, emerging audiences.

Where to Watch Sanrio Danshi Online?

Sanrio Danshi is available on many online streaming platforms like animixplay.

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