Are The Makers Planning For Season 2 Of The Guardians of Justice?

Marvelous Man might have been one of the favorite comic characters of every kid since the ’90s and till now, it has marked an unbreakable impression. At present, Adi Shankar, one of the greatest creators and writers has garnered the audience with a story that will show you a new Marvelous. Written by Samuel Laskey, Shawn DeLoache with the 23-year-old Indian boy Adi Shankar in the direction of Kenlon Clark, Enol Junquera, Luis Pelayo Junquera, Stewart Yost, and Adi Shankar itself, The Guardians of Justice got released under Bootleg Universe productions. The story reveals the death mystery of Marvelous Man after 40 years of saving the earth from world war III.

The Guardians of Justice Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 was released on March 1, 2022, with a total of seven episodes. Till now, it has received quite a good response from the audience and the critics. Adi’s work is being praised a lot, as to how he rejuvenated the old animation to the new. The creation, animation, live-action skills took a complete six years, and it reflected in the series. He has done a great job and, the audience is going to love this for sure.
What about its season 2? As of now, there has not been any updates or announcement of the same. Well, the makers and the creators will decide after the ratings the series will gain, as it all depends upon it so. Till then, enjoy season 1 and give your love to the series.

The Guardians of Justice Season 1 Release DateMarch 1, 2022
The Guardians of Justice Season 1 End DateMarch 1, 2022
The Guardians of Justice Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed

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The Guardians Of Justice Season 1 Recap

The Guardians of Justice Season 2 Release Date

Will the Marvelous Man squad be able to save the world from a nuclear war? Although, Marvelous Man has saved the world from the earlier deteriorating problems, will he succeed this time too? Just after world war II, the people of the earth suffers world war III, which needs to be stopped. To win over this, Marvelous Man has made his squad team, and won the battle, protecting every man of the earth. But, is this all the series is about? No. After forty years of world war III, Marvelous Man’s death was publicly announced, leaving everyone shocked and baffled. It said that he committed suicide, but how can a superhero commit suicide? To know the Hidden truth behind his death, Knight Hawk and The Speed made their way to the investigation.
The series is perfection as it includes all the action scenes loaded with eight types of animation with a great presentation. Live-action is one of the keys that attract the audience, and it really did not a comedy genre, though some graphics deliver this too. Like other superhero series and stories, this one gives something new and different. Adi Shankar has created an image of an era of the 90s, which will be helpful to you to reconnect with the previous story.

Where To Watch The Guardians of Justice Season 2?

Season 1 is out with all its seven episodes on Netflix with each episode of a time limit of 20 to 40 minutes. You can binge with season 1 only and only on Netflix, and make join your friends too. If there will be a season 2, then the possibility is that it will release on the same network. But, till then, you have to wait and can enjoy season 1 also, but don’t forget to add it to your wishlist.

The Guardians of Justice Season 2 Characters

The characters of season 2 are not decided yet, as there is no news about the next installment. If there would be the next installment, then probably the cast of season 1 can return. Have a look at the previous cast. Diamond Dallas Page was seen in the main role of Knight Hawk who is the lieutenant of Marvelous Man with Sharni Vinson seen as The Speed. Other characters include Derek Mears, Denise Richards, Will Yun Lee, John Hennigan, Preeti Desai, Tiffany Hines, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Adi Shankar, Jen Sung Outerbridge, Jane Seymour, Edi Gathegi, Viggo Villalobos, Andy Milonakis, Christopher Judge along with R.J. Mitte. All the voice artists have done a great job and left an impressive image.

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