Shows Like Modern Love That Should Be In Your Wishlist!

Love is something that you can’t live without. Everyone has someone in his / her life that is meant for love: in any character, mom, dad, boyfriend, friend, and many more. And we are here once again for some love and thriller with the anthology. If you are looking for some romantic stuff then you should watch some series recommend here! I guess many of you have watched the “Modern Love” television series on Amazon Prime Video, but today, we are giving you a list of some shows similar to Modern Love which I bet you can’t get rid of. We have seen many love stories in the Modern Love series like that of between Maggie and Guzmin, Julie and Joshua, Lexi and Jeff, Sarah and Dennis, and many more.

1. Homecoming

Shows Like Modern Love

Homecoming is a psychological thriller drama series with 2 seasons and a total of 17 episodes. The story revolves around the character Heidi Bergman, who is a social worker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, which is run by the Geist Group. They help soldiers in the transition to their civilian life but, it is a mystery that what is they need in doing so. We see Heidi is now working as a waitress, not remembering her time at Homecoming. The series gives us the feeling of some mystery and suspense. I would highly recommend this series to you guys!

2. This Is Us

Set in the United States, This Is Us is a story revolving around a family of Jack and Rebecca, parents of three children, namely Kate, Kevin, and Randall, who is their adopted child when their third child, Kyle was stillborn. The series has 5 seasons with 88 episodes. The story is set in the present but also shows us many flashbacks of the past, which tell us the life history of the family. After Jack’s death, Rebecca marries his best friend, Miguel. We also see the future history of the three children. If you’re looking for something like family drama, then you should definitely go for this.

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3. Easy

Easy is similar to Modern Love in many respects. It is an American anthology series set in the United States with 3 seasons and 25 episodes. The series has a story of many individuals living in Chicago, which are represented in many episodic. It also shows us stories of some real-life personalities like Odinaka Malachi Ezeokoli, Karley Sciotino, and Jane Adam’s. If you want to feel Modern Love, then you should go for this series.

4. Dash & Lily

Shows Like Modern Love

Dash & Lily is an American romantic and comedy television series based on Dash & Lily’s book of dares. The series has only one season with 8 just episodes. So, it isn’t a difficult task to watch this series. The plot focuses on two teenagers, living in New York City. Furthermore, they soon develop a mutual attraction and feelings for each other when they start being open up to each other. They soon start dating each other. They understand how their relationship is being affected by their friends, family, and their love interest and, in return affect them too. The series is all romantic and you should try it once if you are up to some romantic stuff.

5. Love

Love is again a romantic comedy television series. It has a total of 3 seasons with 34 episodes. The plot of Love is crazy as there are two untrustworthy people, Mickey and Gus, who are in love. They two are of different personalities with different emotional backgrounds. While one is open, alcoholic, and dishonest to herself so is the second one, who is awkward, emotional, and shy. The story explores the different interests of males and females and how the two different personalities cope up in a situation.

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