Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Release Date
Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Release Date

The preponderance of the isekai genre is largely greater than any other anime, owing to its supernatural appeal. And we as humans love to take refuge in a world full of fictional-magical stuff. But this is not to deny that they doesn’t make any sense, the premise might be unrealistic but they do exude human emotions in their truest form. Take Naruto, as an example.

One such anime jumping into this bandwagon is ‘Tsukimichi: moonlight fantasy’. Despite its uniqueness, viewers didn’t wavered a bit to call out its resemblance with ‘That time I got reincarnated as a slime’. The show is laden with moments of humor while also taking account of the direction of the plot line, which has its fair share of twist and turns.

The anime on the other hand was written by Kenta Ihara and directed by Shinji Ishihira who is revered for its role as the director in the ‘Fairy tale’. The music interspersed throughout the season, is of Yasuharu Takanashi. The production studio involved was C2C which is mostly known for its propensity of releasing two anime a year.

Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Release Date

Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Release Date

Yes, the show was announced to be in production just a few minutes after the show ended airing its final episode, which is episode 12. Indeed, a reason to widen the smiles of those who stuck around until the very end. Many voice actors involved in the anime made it to the twitter to express their happiness over the announcement of the next season.

As of now, no official statement from the makers regarding the sequel can be gleaned and nor do we know whether it will be a full-fledged season 2 or will be divided into several course.

Source Material

Originally, the first media to use the title Tsukimichi: moonlight fantasy was the light novel series which implies that the anime is a direct adaptation thereof. Kei Azumi and Mitsuaki Matsumoto were the writers and illustrators respectively. The website publishing the novel switched hands between Shosetsuku ni Naro and AlphaPolis.

However, the general consensus remains that the show in its most likelihood can be make its appearance on our screen, the summer of 2022.

The reasoning for that being, an anime takes almost 8-9 months for its production to get completed.
Furthermore, a question that baffles the fans is that, was season 2 pre-planned? Or was it because of the gross profit that the show accrued, which prompted the decision for the second season? We cannot say anything with certainty and nor do fans seem to be so engrossed with the question. As the popular saying goes eat the mango without bothering about the seed.

Season Renewal

Almost hundreds of anime were released this year, and most of them didn’t get announced for season
The answer depends upon the following factors.

The light novel series consisted of 15 volumes that started from May 2013 and remains unconcluded as of now. To put the anime into this context, it has only been adapted until volume 4. This leaves us with ridiculous amount of content that can perhaps be transfigured into 2 more seasons.

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Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Release Date

The show has an IMBD rating of 7.5 and MyAnineList rating of 7.8 which unequivocally warrants its popularity. Moreover, the first season has the highest sales in the Nippon TV chart overseas.
Before, the anime got premiered, it had over 1.4 million copies in circulation and also reached top 4 on the oricon charts since its premier.

Moonlight Fantasy Season 2 Story

The show revolves around Makoto Midumi who as a result of its patents insidious dealings with the goddess to become a hero. However she disparagingly revokes his title and sends him to the periphery of the wasteland. He soon, realizes his magical powers and embarks on a journey go to ensure balance in the world while stumbling upon various mythical and demigod like creatures along the way.

Where To Watch Moonlight Fantasy Online?

Crunchyroll has bought the exclusive streaming rights of the anime, so you can watch it there.

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