Unknown Episode 10 Release Date Revealed – Spoilers Update & More!

Directed by Ray Jiang, a brand new romantic Taiwanese drama series premiered a few months back and ever since then it has been on our watch list. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the very first installation of Unknown. We must say that the way this drama series is playing out with the concept of family drama, forbidden love and gay romance is indeed quite impressive.
With another Saturday around the corner, a brand new episode of this intriguing drama series has again caught our attention. So far we have binged a total of 9 episodes from Unknown Season 1. And currently, all the fans are looking ahead to the release date and spoilers of Unknown Season 1 Episode 10. Thus, on popular demand, here is everything we know so far about the tenth episode of the show.

Unknown Episode 10 Release Date Revealed – Spoilers Update & More!

Unknown Episode 10 Release Date Revealed - Spoilers Update & More!

We are soon about to witness the end of this riveting Taiwanese drama series and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Currently, all eyes are stuck on Unknown Episode 10 and fans are inquisitive to see what lies ahead of Wei Qian. It is indeed true that he has sacrificed a lot in his life! We have seen from the beginning that he has always put someone else before him. But the time has come when he takes care of himself as well!

We must say that a lot has already happened in Episode 9, but before we head to the spoilers, let’s dig deep into the release date. Unknown Season 1 Episode 10 is just around the bush! If you have followed this series from the start, then you already know by now that new episodes roll out every weekend on Saturday. Without any further delay here is the release date you are looking for, Unknown Season 1 Episode 10 has been scheduled to roll out worldwide on 20th April 2024!

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Here Is A Quick Overview Of Unknown Season 1!

Brimming with melodrama, action and romance, Unknown Season 1 revolves around a young adult named Wei Qian. After his parents’ unfortunate demise, he has been the one who took the full responsibility of his family. It is now his utmost duty to look after his sister, Wei Li Li, and his adopted brother, Xiao Yuan! From doing illegal jobs to providing everything to his siblings to being the sole parent to them, he has undoubtedly done a lot for these two. Meanwhile, the story also introduces us to his best friend, San Pang who no matter what, has always been Wei Qian’s ultimate support system.

But his tiresome life becomes even more complicated when he accidentally kisses his adopted brother! Coming to the main twist of the story, guess what, Xiao Yuan actually has a long-time crush on Qian and is obviously in love with him! Given the circumstances, Wei Qian is all confused and eventually thinks of sending Xiao Yuan away! But the question is can he run away from his true feelings? Well, to know what lies ahead of him, you surely need to binge the latest updates of Unknown Season 1.

What Will Happen Next In Unknown Season 1 Episode 10?

Unknown Episode 10 Release Date Revealed - Spoilers Update & More!

Just three more episodes to go and then we will have to say goodbye to this heart-warming and action-packed drama series! It is good to see that the hot and intense chemistry between Wei Qian and Xiao Yuan has increased considerably. But again, in the previous episode of this series, some obvious complications arose between Wei Qian and Xiao Yuan’s relationship. It is now clear that the two love one another and are trying their best to know each other in a better way.

But can these two hide their long-time secret from the world? Well, Le will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the upcoming episodes of the show. Luckily, both Qian and Yuan were able to save themselves from their brutal attack. But we can say for sure that their challenges are not over yet! That’s all for today, to get more interesting and entertaining updates on the release date of other new drama series, stay connected with us, just right here.

Unknown Episode 10 Release Date Revealed – Spoilers Update & More! – FAQs

1. Is Unknown Episode 10 releasing this weekend?

Yes, Unknown Season 1 Episode 10 will be released this weekend itself.

2. How many total episodes are present in Unknown Season 1?

Unknown Season 1 is meant to hold a total of 12 episodes.

3. When will Unknown Season 1 Episode 10 roll out?

As per the information gathered by us, Unknown Season 1 Episode 10 will be rolling out on the 20th of April, 2024.

4. Was Wei Qian able to save the life of Xiao Yuan?

Yes, Wei Qian was able to save the life of Xiao Yuan.

5. Is Wei Qian in love with Xiao Yuan?

Yes, Wei Qian is in love with Xiao Yuan.

6. Can you watch all the riveting episodes of Unknown Season 1 online?

All the riveting episodes of Unknown Season 1 are available to binge online, exclusively on Viki, Youku and YouTube.

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