Is 2019 Movie Anna Based On A True Story?

Double agents are extremely troublesome in the world of spying. But, a fearsome femme fatale is something unique. Anna (2019) tells us the story of a sleek female spy. But, is the 2019 movie Anna based on a true story?

The movie revolves around a woman who happens to be a top KGB agent, but she wants to abandon her job. When she gets the perfect chance to turn her life around, will she make proper use of it despite the difficulties? Besides telling you if the 2019 movie Anna is based on a true story or not, we will also tell you everything that you need to know about this film.

Is the 2019 Movie Anna Based On A True Story? Everything You Need To Know

Since we have come across a lot of spy thrillers, be it movies or series, usually we get amazed when we see them. Probably, the first spy movie you watched was something that had James Bond in it. But, apart from the James Bond franchise, there are a lot of exciting other spy films. Well, I am definitely not talking about ‘Spy Kids’, but jokes apart, there are a lot of great films out there. Typically, in spy movies, we get to see a central character who fulfils their responsibilities and missions as a part of an organisation.

But in Anna (2019), the main character is a woman who happens to be veiled in shrouds of mystery. She is an excellent field agent who can carry out missions with excellent accuracy. No matter from which side she belongs, she does not stay back down despite of any odds against her. Now, although this film does sound promising at first, a lot of moviegoers have turned against it. According to them, the plot is a chaotic mix of action, romance, intrigue, and adrenaline-rushing sequences. Although, overall, this is a really good treat for all the action and spy film fans out there.

Many of you still might be wondering about the truth behind the storyline of such a movie. So, is the 2019 movie Anna based on a true story? Or is the movie based on an entirely fiction perspective? If you think the 2019 movie Anna is based on a true story, it isn’t. The movie is a work of fiction by Luc Besson; throughout the entire film, the girl we see on screen, Anna, is a creation by Besson. Considering that the girl is similar to Anna Chapman, some of you might think the 2019 movie Anna is based on a true story. But in reality, the whole story is entirely based on imagination.

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Anna (2019): The World’s Most Feared Femme Fatale

If you have watched this spy thriller already, then you know everything about the plot by now. Even if had a doubt if the 2019 movie Anna is based on a true story or not, now you know the reality behind this film. Anna (2019) takes us deep into the layers of darkness that prevail in the world of spies and agents. As the title suggests, Anna (2019) revolves around a woman named Anna Poliatova. This young, enigmatic and elegant woman got into the limelight due to her beauty. Initially, she started her career as an aspiring model from Moscow.

Soon, she got huge offers to pose as a model for different popular brands in Paris. Although she seems to be just another model in Paris, Anna is much more than any ordinary model you see. Anna is a lethal killing machine, a femme fatale who would not even hesitate to kill anyone off. The dangerous KGB of Russia has transformed this beautiful girl into one of the top assassins of the whole world. Most of her dangerous missions end with absolute success and Anna is a trigger-happy soul. She does everything she can to get out of any situation alive and at the same time, successful.

But after all these years of service, Anna Poliatova wants to take some time for herself finally. She wants to get out of this toxic and brutal cycle of killing and murdering, and hence, she is eyeing all opportunities. Luckily, the Central Investigation Agency or the CIA offered Anna Poliatova to be an agent for them. This is her one last chance to get out of the spy and agency world alive. Although she is a femme fatale, Anna has people she cares for. If she wants to get out without harming herself and them, she must serve as a double agent of the CIA and KGB.

The Team Behind Anna (2019) And Official Streaming Platform Of The Movie 

Sasha Luss leads this action thriller as Anna Poliatova, the double agent. We also have the Oscar-winning actor, Cillian Murphy, as Lenny Miller. Other notable cast members include Lera Abova, Luke Evans, Anna Krippa, Helen Mirren, Alexander Petrov, Nikita Pavlenko, Alison Wheeler, Andrew Howard, Eric Gordon, Aleksey Maslodudov, Cansu Tosun, Ivan Franêk, and many more. The 2019 movie Anna is not based on a true story at all. If you want to watch Anna (2019) please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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